Friday, January 31, 2014

Review: Polished by Alyssa Turner

Menage stories are interesting as they add something new to a relationship. This something new can be good or it can be bad. It all depends on the communication and expectations of the those participating.

Polished by Alyssa Turner explores what happens when a loving couple explores a ménage experience. But this experience is thrown in with a little light BDSM.

Spencer and Rory are loving couple who have everything going for them. They almost lose it all when Spencer gets trapped below ground in an explosion with Jack. It’s during the time they’re trapped below ground that Jack and Spencer form a bond.

Jack ends up inviting Spencer and Rory to his house in the Hamptons. It’s during that time they explore a little BDSM with their ménage. It was interesting how it came about and I really enjoyed the way they jumped into things. It was hot and it was intense.

When things didn’t work out as planned, Spencer and Rory end up cutting Jack out of their lives. What they find after that is their relationship is different. Something is now missing.

I like how Alyssa showed the other side of those fantasies and living them out. While they’re great at the time, they can seriously impact an existing relationship that doesn’t have any problems. That impact can be positive or negative. It has the ability to bring a couple closer or tear them apart. It all depends on the couple and their communication skills and the strength of their bond.

Jack proved to be a powerful character. He realized what was wrong in his life an set about changing it. He took control and did what needed to be done. He also went after what he wanted. He didn’t let anything stand in his way.

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