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Character Interview: Garrett, Zeke and Ethan from The WILD Boys of Special Forces

Hi everyone!  Janna here and boy do I have an extra special treat for you today.  Ladies prepare to be turned on in some of the sexiest ways possible because we have Garrett Hawkins, Zeke Hayes and Ethan Archer here from the WILD Boys of Special Forces at My Secret Romance today and just being around they hot alpha men are making my panties need changing.  Now where did I put that toy hmmm, anyways.  Hi guys I am so happy that you could join me here today.

Garrett:  So happy we could, as well. Thanks for having us!

Zeke: *Grunts a little.* What he said, only I still don’t get it. We’re not that interesting.

Ethan: *Chuckling.* Don’t  fight it, Zsycho. You’re a star now.

Zeke: *Grunting harder.* What-ever.

**Giggles.**”Zsycho.” Tee hee. Some readers might not be familiar with your radio call-signs yet. Can you guys explain?

Zeke: Happy to. *Grins.* We’re all on the same US Army Special Operations Battalion. We’re The First, baby; based out of Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma. Radio call-signs give us a handy way to refer to each other when we’re on our comms during missions. You just heard Ethan use mine: “Zsycho.” There’s a long story behind it, best demonstrated when I’m having fun with my little subbie in our favorite dungeon back home, the Bastille Club.

Ethan: Mine is Runway. Apparently, the guys on the team think I’m pretty. At which point, I make it a point to prove them wrong.

Garrett: *With a nod.* Yep. That pretty much nails it. Mine’s easy. Just plain ol’ “Hawk”.

So tell us a little about yourselves guys for those who haven’t had the opportunity to meet y’all yet.

Garrett: I’m not going first on this one.

Zeke: Don’t look at me.

Ethan: *Rolls eyes.* Wusses.

Garrett: Fine, FINE! Okay, well—uhh—I had the pleasure of being Angel’s first W.I.L.D. Boy. The story is all about how I got a second chance with the love of my life, and the ultimate connection via D/s, with the love of my life, Sage Weston. Of course, I was kind of an ass about things for a while, but thank God that woman loved me enough to believe in what we could have together.

Zeke:*Jerks a thumb at Garrett.*  A year ago, I would’ve laughed at that shit coming out of his mouth, but Angel channeled her masochistic side and made ME the second W.I.L.D. Boy. It was a journey to love that I took kicking and screaming, but damn, I’m glad she drop-kicked my ass and made me do it. Rayna Chestain has made me the happiest Dom—and man—on the planet.

Ethan: Z may be a stubborn ass who can’t access his heart, but I didn’t have that issue. I feel for Rayna’s cousin, Ava, pretty much from the first second I kissed her. Just took HER a bit longer to reach the same page.

Those are really great answers. Thank you for opening up, guys.

Garrett: Yeah, yeah; let’s not make this the “Bachelorette” rose ceremony or anything.

Zeke: *Snickers loudly.* I KNEW it! You DO watch that show with Sage! And you LIKE it!

Ethan: Busted, Hawkins. Might as well own it.

Garrett: Can we change the subject?

That’s easy enough. Can we all learn something about you that maybe NOBODY knows, not even from reading the books? Something silly, perhaps. *Sound of crickets as the guys react to the word “silly” with blank stares.* Okay, how about something…off-the-wall? For instance, when we read the WILD Boys books, we know that Garrett enjoys reading classic novels, Zeke is fond of his Hawaiian shirt collection, and Ethan enjoys cuddle time. Something along THOSE lines…

Garrett: *Openly laughing.* First, we didn’t know Runway enjoyed the cuddle action that much.

Zeke: *Joins his friend* Yep. Thanks for the ammunition!

Ethan: *Shaking his head* Dickwads.

Garrett: To answer your question, here’s a fun one about me. I enjoy Count Chocula cereal for breakfast, mixed in with Boo Berry.

Zeke: *Nods.* He does. And then the milk turns the color of puke and he drinks it.

Garrett: And YOUR secret food fetish is better?

Zeke: *Snorts* Hey! Elvis liked peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, too!

Ethan: No, assface, he liked peanut butter and BANANA.

Zeke: Says the guy who lets his fiancé give him facials.

Ethan: Yeah, SO? My face is soft as a baby’s ass. Can you say the same?

Zeke: Do you think I WANT to?

Okay, boys! Back to your corners! So Garrett, how are things with Sage?  I know for a while there the two of you had a rough start and you two deserve to be happy.  Congrats are also in order I hear, how is the little guy doing?  I love the name Racer by the way.

Garrett: *Smiling even bigger.* Thanks for all that. I fuckin’—err, I mean—really love my kid. He’s an awesome boy. And Sage and I are fantastic; thanks for asking. And you’re right; we had a few bumpy spots to get through, considering everything that’s happened in our lives the last year or so. She’s one hell of a woman. I am damn lucky to have her. I can’t wait to grow our family some more.

Zeke:  How are things with Rayna?  I must say I didn’t think anyone would get you to settle down especially with your reputation and groupies for your shall we say special services.  Do you have any regrets settling down with just one sub?

Zeke: Hell freakin’ no. *Huge grin.* My little firebird is amazing. I realize that even as a service Top—thanks for calling that special, by the way—what  I was really looking for was the perfect connection that D/s can give a couple, because of its demand for honesty. I was on a journey to find THE ONE, to be dork-ass blunt about it…I just never realized that I was, until she came along in my life.
Ethan I think I shed a tear when I found out you were off the market but I think out of the three of you, you had to work even harder to get the girl.  Do you think that is true?  I love Ava and I think she is the perfect match for you and won’t let you get away with any bullshit that you guys seem to tend to try to pull.

Ethan: Bullshit? *Grins.* I have NO idea what you’re talking about. But I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, I had to wait a little longer for my soul mate to recognize what we had. *Smile.* I didn’t consider it work, though. I’d wait for Ava for a thousand years if that’s what it took.

Ethan and Zeke any wedding bells in your future and if so will tights be involved?  Sorry I just couldn’t help myself.

Ethan: *Cocks a brow toward Zeke.* I think that sassy little thing needs to be introduced to a Dom who’ll show her what happens around guys like us when tights are mentioned.

Zeke: *Nods and burns a mesmerizing version of his hazel stare across the room.* I think you’re so damn right, Runway.

*Swallows hard.* Errr, does this mean I don’t get an answer to my question.

Zeke: Wedding bells, yes. Tights, NO. *Jerks a thumb at Ethan.* I can’t speak for cuddle boy, however.

Ethan: Between my mother and Ava, I’m sure the wedding is going to be pretty cool. I think we’ll be sticking to classic tuxes, though.

Garrett, how is it being a dad for the first time?

Garrett:  It’s amazing. I got Racer his own Little Green Army Men set the other day. He’s still using the little rifles for picking up Cheerios instead of strategizing missions, but I’ll have him whipped into shape in no time.

Ok guys if Sage, Rayna and Ava were here right now what would they say that they love best about each of you and what would they hate the most about you?

Garrett: *Huge grin.* Well, after the night Sage and I shared in the barn back home, I’m pretty sure she’d name my chocolate cream pie as one of the things she “loves best” about me.

Zeke: *Grimacing.* Dude, that is WAY too much information. Just get on with what she hates the most.

*The guys let out f-bombs as Sage, Rayna, and Ava walk in and sit next to them.*

Garrett: Uhhhh…hi, sugar! Wh-what are you doing here?

Sage: *Grins knowlingly.* Babe, we’ve been here the whole time. We just thought the conversation was starting to get super interesting, so we came to join in. *Looks back.* I can DEFINITELY answer the last part of that question for you. I’ll love this guy until my dying day, but NOTHING drives me crazier than getting treated like a china doll that’s going to break any second. He has to realize that I’ve got some tough stuff in here. *Points to chest.*

Garrett: *Mumbling.* Except when it comes to keeping your therapy appointments.

Sage: *Forces a grin.* We’ll take about this at home, dear.

Garrett: *Surreptitiously pinching her ass* Damn straight we will.

Rayna: *Raising hand.* Us next! I want to start with what I love most about Z.

Zeke: *Coughs nervously* I’m suddenly scared.

Rayna: *Kissing his cheek.* His enormous capacity to love. And his flair for drama.

Zeke:  I am NOT dramatic.

Rayna: Bringing a gospel choir and half the set from “Phantom of the Opera” to my house that morning WASN’T dramatic?

Zeke: Next question?

Rayna: That would be…what I hate the most about you. And THAT answer would be…how you change the subject when it doesn’t suit you. *Smiles sheepishly.* Well, that and the fact that I don’t see you in suits enough.

Zeke: *Kissing her tenderly.* I just had my gray suit cleaned, honey. *leans in for a deeper kiss after Rayna squees with delight.*

Ethan: *Rolling eyes again.* You two need to get a room.
Ava: *Batting his shoulder.* Says the guy who likes to do it in crazy places.

Ethan: Crazy? Oh woman…you have yet to see crazy…

Ava: *Going all melty* You want to know what I love the most about him? That right there. You see the way he’s looking at me?

Ethan: *Nuzzling her neck.* There’s more where that came from…

Ava: There’s just one problem. He doesn’t know how to turn it off.

Ethan: And I thought you hated your engagement ring the most.

Ava:  I LOVE my ring! Don’t go dissing on the ring, Sergeant Archer!

Ethan: NEXT question???

What do you think 2014 will have in store for the W.I.L.D. boys?

Garrett: A bunch more adventures, that’s for damn certain. *Squeezes Sage closer.* And maybe an announcement of a sibling for Racer Joseph.

Sage: *Smiling softly.* We’ll see, Daddy Hawkins.

Zeke: Copy what Hawk said. I hope we’ll be kicking some more bad guy ass, then flying home to blow up the dungeon with our beautiful subbies.

Ethan: *Nods* I think Angel is concocting some fun new shit as we speak. Since Slash and T-Bomb—Kellan and Tait—have flown off to Kaua’i, I’m hoping that a tropical island trip is in store for all of us, as well.

Since the New Year just passed what are you all looking forward to in 2014? 

Garrett: Watching my kid grow up, and looking for a bigger house.

Zeke: Putting a ring on it with the love of my life.

Ethan: Ditto on Z’s statement. Starting a new life with my woman, and continuing to serve the country I love.

Well guys as much as I would love to be able to tie you down and lick every inch of your bodies, I mean keep you here for a longer interview I better let you all get back to your lucky ladies.  Thank you again for stopping by and talking with me today.  As we wrap this up do you have any last words for our readers?

Garrett: Thanks for the support in 2013! On behalf of Angel and all of us, it has been so much appreciated!

Zeke: Roger that, Hawk Man. We are beyond thankful for how much fun this has all been—and of course, for your interest in our roads to true love.

Ethan: Since we’ve been sitting on Angel’s shoulder as she dives in Tait and Kellan’s book, WET FOR HER WARRIORS, I can also say that there are some pretty amazing adventures in store for all the WILD Boys in 2014. In Tait and Kell’s book, you’ll meet Shay Bommer, Tait’s little brother, who’s going to be the hero of book #6, HOT FOR HIS HOSTAGE. Later in the year, I hear that Rhett and Rebel will also be getting a book, tentatively titled SECRETS FROM HER SIRS.

Garrett: Don’t forget that Angel will be attending the RT Booklovers conference in New Orleans in May, as well as the RomCon show in June, and Midwest Book Lovers Unite in September.

Zeke: Bitchin’ times.

Ethan: *Grimacing.* Bitchin’? Seriously, man?

Rayna: Maybe it’s time to get these boys out of your hair.

Ava and Sage, in unison: Let’s go, kids. NOW.

If you want to know more about the WILD Boys and their women, visit Angel’s web page:

The WILD Boys books are available everywhere e-books are sold, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and Are. Paperbacks are also available on Amazon.

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