Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Review: Lick by Kylie Scott

I'm confused.

...Did I even read the same book as other people did? ...Because I sure as shit don't understand why so many high ratings and reviews were given for this one. I'm completely bummed to have to write a negative review, but unfortunately this novel did nothing for me. For starters, I thought the premise of Lick was promising: A girl wakes up in Vegas married to a Rock-Star without any recollection of their wedding night. You're bound to have drama galore with a premises like that, and despite losing interest after only reading the first few chapters, I decided to keep on with the book because I thought for sure that there would be some interesting possibilities of how the rest of the book panned out. ...Of course I thought wrong.

Throughout the entire time I was reading, I realized that I didn't know enough about any of the characters involved to even care a tiny bit about what kind of drama unfolded between any of them. All I knew for certain was that the hero David was in a popular band and he was dumb enough to marry the heroine Evelyn... The small-town girl who was too drunk to recall any of it.


Ladies and gentleman, we have some real winners here. In all seriousness though, I literally felt nothing for any character introduced in this story. Hell, you'd think the hero would at least be bad-ass since he is... Oh, I don't know... A rock-star for God's sake. (Hence the sarcasm) ...But his vanilla personality just didn't fit the bill. If you're not a fan of spoilers, then I wouldn't bother reading anymore of this review because the next point I'm about to elaborate on may ruin a bit for you in regards to some details that happen in the story- This gif should explain things perfectly...

Think what you want, but cheating is cheating and all of the he said/she said, he kissed her/she kissed me irrelevant excuses is just that: An excuse. David's was quite laughable actually...

"She surprised me when she kissed me. That's why I didn't stop her right away." ~David

I call bullshit. If someone surprised me by trying to suck my face off, my initial reaction would be to knee him in the balls and ask questions later. David's reaction to the entire incident was the slowest reaction in the history of man-kind. ...Oh, and did I mention that it eventually took him a full 28 days to try and rectify the situation between him and his beloved Evelyn after he ripped her heart out of her chest? I'm sorry, but no. That type of shit certainly isn't my idea of true love.

I don't have much to say about the heroine Ev either. I mean, she's a nice enough character I guess... But nothing about her personality makes her stand out or pulls you towards her. Not to mention, her inner ramblings were extremely cheesy and bordered on idiotic- Enough said.

Over-all, I just didn't understand how this book has caused so much hype. Everything that happened in the story was just so incredibly implausible and not even remotely realistic. Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh due to my recent stint of other disappointments I've come across over the past few weeks... However, a poorly developed plot, unbelievable events and a bunch of characters that lack major development are definite deal-breakers for me which is why I just wasn't ever able to invest in this book like so many others seemed to have.

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