Monday, January 13, 2014

Review: Epilogue by CJ Roberts

Ahhh... Maaazing.
I can't get over how good this book was- Not that I doubted it would be anything short of perfection. This series is an absolute favorite of mine and this installment just enhanced my feelings about that to epic proportions. I never give away anything in my reviews by adding spoilers and this book is no exception... I don't want to ruin anything for you by going into detail about everything that happened.

Obviously, I have to start this review by gushing about Caleb...
"I'm writing this because you begged.
You know how I love the begging..." ~Caleb

I mean, can he literally be anymore perfect? My God. The entire series all started because he kidnapped someone on his own accord, but hell... If I knew he really existed in the real world, I'd pay him to kidnap my ass. His character was truly one of a kind and I was so beyond happy that this book was written strictly from his point of view. For starters, he was freaking hilarious. A sarcastic man is the key to my heart, so needless to say Caleb had mine from the first page. I found myself busting out laughing on more than one occasion because of the things that came out of his mouth or the thoughts that ran through his head. You could really see in this story that he was trying to change but struggled with the man he used to be. It was endearing to watch him try to be a better man for Livvie. He didn't begrudge her of the life she had but it was obvious to him on a daily basis that her life was completely different from the only life that he's ever known.

Being back with Livvie again reminded him of how sorry he truly was for everything that he did and he hated that he was unable to erase or take any of it back. He had messed up in a lot of ways that most people couldn't possibly understand; She was the only thing that he cared about anymore and that shined throughout this book.

Livvie on the other hand was strong, smart and driven... But she was also very trusting where her heart was concerned. She certainly had her reservations about the future she had with Caleb- He had hurt her in the worst possible way by leaving and she lived in constant fear that he would do it again. She knew he was the one that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with... She just didn't know if her heart would have been able to handle him leaving her again. I've always liked Livvie's characters and she didn't disappoint me in this book. She did tend to grate on my nerves more than a few times but I was able to look past that because she knew Caleb better than he knew himself and she loved him to the depth of her soul.

Watching the way Caleb and Livvie interacted with each other while trying to come to grips with having a normal relationship kept me on the edge of my seat literally the entire time I was reading. I never knew what one of them would do or say and watching them joke around had me cracking up laughing...

"You manage to say the most romantic things in the creepiest way possible. If I didn't know you, I'd be scared of you." ~Livvie

"What does a former kidnapper/murderer do in retirement?" ~Caleb

...But more than the goofiness between these two, there love for one another grew. Every day they became closer and even more intimate; They were learning more about one another and growing closer as each day that they tried to put their past behind them passed. This book truly was such a treat to read- Hearing things from Caleb's perspective really helped to take this series to an entirely new level that I didn't think was even possible. C.J. Roberts... You're my hero. ♥ ...To say that I was impressed with this book would be an understatement.
★ PS: This book absolutely can't be read as a stand-alone. Be sure to get your hands on Captive in the Dark and Seduced in the Dark before jumping into this masterpiece.


Bookworm Brandee said...

OMG! I can't wait to read this. I love Caleb and his and Livvie's story. *sigh* Awesome review!

Tina B said...

Fantastic review, Alyssa! I loved watching them try to have a "normal" relationship.
I really enjoyed their journey. It was dark, gritty, scary, beautiful.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Alyssa said...

Brandee- You definitely need to read this one! It's FANTASTIC... I can never get enough of Caleb and Livvie. ♥

Tina- Thank you so much love! I'm so glad you enjoyed this story too!


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