Monday, January 6, 2014

Review: Surrendering to Her Sergeant (The WILD Boys of Special Forces #3) by Angel Payne

When Corporal Ethan Archer aka Runway learns that he will be putting his Sergeant stripes on, his team decides they should go celebrate in LA.  Ethan jumps at the chance to go because he isn’t just going to celebrate his new rank, he is going to find the one girl that has been on his mind for months, Ava.  His plan to earn her trust is unfortunately derailed by an annoying ex-girlfriend, Bella, who happens to be Ava’s boss and a terrorist plot that causes him to pull away from the one person he wants to submit to him, Ava.

Ava ran from the attraction and chemistry she felt with Ethan all those months ago at her cousin’s wedding.  She knows that loving a military man will only break her heart, but she just can’t say no to Ethan when he can ignite her passion and makes her willingly submit to his dominant side.  Will she be able to trust him or will her heart be broken again when his career forces him to pull away once more?

Holy shit get your fire extinguishers handy because these two will set your ereader on fire.  The sexual chemistry is explosive and Ethan knows just how to make Ava submit to him even when she refuses to trust her heart to him.  I honestly hated any time Bella was in the picture because you knew the damage it would cause to the slow building relationship between Ethan and Ava.  I wanted to smash Bella’s face off of her dressing room table a time or two because damn could she be any more annoying and stupid? 

There is more than just Ethan and Ava’s story in Surrendering to Her Sergeant, you get to see all the WILD Boys and we get to see the start of another one of these sexy men find the one woman who is it for them.  I love being able to see the stories continue and be able to see how Garrett and Zeke are doing with their women. 

Surrendering to Her Sergeant is the 3rd book and with each book in this series I fall more and more in love with it.  These men are sexy as hell, military, alpha and dominant what the hell else could you ask for?  Angel Payne has me addicted to the WILD Boys and I need my next fix now. 

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