Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review: Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan

MIA SHERIDAN WRITES SPECTACULAR FAIRY TALES. You know that meme that gets posted on Facebook: I still love to read fairy tales... they are just a little dirtier now. I. LOVE. THESE. BOOKS.

This is a story of resilience and hope. It feels inspiring as well as heartbreaking, and along with that the couple has serious chemistry. I just loved this story. I was immersed and captivated by the plot, the characters, and the town. I just really fell head over heels for this one.

 It should go without saying that I continue to love what this author has put out there. The story is another magical one that is a page turner. It will have you holding your breath at times, crying, “No! Just no!” Seriously, I was so wrapped up in Bree and Archer that I yelled out loud NO in my whiniest voice, sat the book down, took a deep breath, and picked it back up. Really who was I kidding, I had to man up and find out what happened! So this one snagged me big time.

Loved Bree.
Loved Archer.
Loved their romance.
Wanted to kick a villain or two in the crotch.
Consider me a sucker for this story.

This author does emotional in the sweetest way. She will push you ever so gently toward that point of heartbreak, but then profoundly puts it all back together with the grace and beauty of her words. If you want to feel completely awestruck with the big picture, then she’s your go to girl.

Archer. Man what a paradox. He’s vulnerable, innocent, and inexperienced in relationships, but at the exact same time he is primal, moody, possessive, and competitive in his affections for Bree. He definitely is attractive, even though at first you may question that. Give him a chance and you’ll find yourself smitten. So know that the wounded puppy has some bite and may be a little dangerous. He’s completely misunderstood by everyone in the town, except for Bree who sees right through it and trusts her instincts.

What you can expect from Mia Sheridan’s books are genuinely likeable heroines. Bree is warm, funny, and silly, while also being persistent and resilient. She is a character that I could just be friends with and that made spending time with this book and the story that much more enjoyable.

The connection between these two characters is kismet. Strong, unyielding, passionate, intense. They are truly meant for each other and the universe just needed to show them the way to each other.

I really loved how the author tied in the Sagittarius sign and the mythology into the present day story. She did this also in the others in this series, and it was executed well again in this book. The story flows effortlessly. I was captivated and reading with a huge smile on my face. This author has continued to be one of my favorites. I am so happy that I have yet to be let down by any of her four releases. It seems that each story in this series has set out to try something different with the relationships’ dynamics. You continue to read something fresh and new from this author every time. She’s taking chances, I like it and the results.

The setting felt dreamlike. A beautiful lake front cabin in the northeast, located in a quaint little town that has a cast of characters that leave an indelible mark. The author built a beautiful scenery to allow the characters to inhabit. Even Bree’s little dog Phoebe has her own little personality, and reminded me of a little Toto.

The steam factor? Helloooo! Uh, Wow! I’m blushing. Yeah it’s got it. Any questions? Get the cold shower ready, you’ll need it.

Even though Archer may not look like your stereotypical romance hero, go in with an open mind. If not, you just might miss the true beauty of this book. Love, connection, and attraction doesn’t always come packaged the way you want it to, and this book will demonstrate that. The blurb lists Archer as “silent”. I’ll leave it at that and let you discover the story yourself, but needless to say, it plays a dynamic part in the book. One that Bree finds a way to overcome, but will Archer?

These characters have big hurdles to overcome as individuals, but watching them work through it while falling for each other is powerful. It’s coming of age with an enchanted feel to the journey. You will truly enjoy this one and fall in love.

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