Thursday, January 9, 2014

Review: Boy Next Door by Emma Clark

HOLY FUCK BATMAN! This is one twisted, sick, disturbing story. It’s a dark read that will leave you reeling from the implications of it all.

Mia met Brandon. Mia accepted a ride from Brandon. Brandon destroyed everything Mia knew.

Mia’s car wouldn’t start after work one night. Brandon happened to be there and offered her a ride home. Mia doesn’t know Brandon, but she gets in the car with him anyway. I mean, he looks like the boy next door, so he should be safe right? WRONG!

Mia ends up being held captive by Brandon and he does every imaginable thing to her. OMG! I was breaking for Mia.

Brandon keeps her there for weeks. He terrorizes her, rapes her. Yet, she falls in love with him. Yep. You heard it. Falls in love with him. Definitely a case of Stockholm Syndrome.

But what happens when she finally gets free? Is she ever really free?

I loved this story. It’s dark and twisty nature made me love it that much more. Be WARNED!!! There is kidnapping, rape, bondage (not role-play) and Stockholm Syndrome. If any of those things offend you, DON’T READ IT! There is nothing consensual in this book, so be prepared.

So, if it was full of nothing consensual, why did I love it? It’s so well written and even though Brandon is a rapist, I actually ended up feeling a bit sorry for him. Not enough to acquit him, but enough. After learning about his family, it made me feel for him. He actually does a few (NOT MANY) redeeming qualities. It was an interesting look into the mind of a psychopath.

Definitely worth the read! Be remember…it’s not pretty, there are no flowers, there is no romance. It’s dark, twisted, sick and disturbing. You have been warned.

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