Monday, July 1, 2013

Review: Gone with the Wolf

Hot Alpha Males who think they have all the answers.

How hard they fall when they meet their match.

That’s exactly what happened to Drake Wilder when he met Emelia Hudson. He’s controlled, logical and CEO of Wilder Financial. Then he meets Emelia, free-spirit, follow your gut Emelia. All bets are off!

Drake Wilder shares control of the pack with his twin brother Silas. Their father declared that the first brother to find his Luminary, or soul mate, would be alpha of the pack and the other would get control of the family estate. Drake never wanted to be alpha. He was happy controlling the estate. When he met Emelia, he knew what this meant.  Silas was not happy. Silas wants it all, control of the pack and the estate.

This was an interesting read to me. I love paranormal stories and this one is no different. Kristin Miller brought me a paranormal story that fit some of the molds we’re used to and look for in a paranormal story while still bringing something new to it.

I liked the tension of Silas going after Emelia. It added a nice touch to the story. Emelia was a breath of fresh air. She was independent and carefree. She worked hard for what she wanted and wouldn’t go down without a fight.

Drake was the typical alpha male wolf. In fact, he was the typical alpha male CEO. However, he does learn.

I think the name Kristin Miller gave this book was perfect. There are touches, slight touches, of classic movies through out the book. The most obvious one should be noted by the title of this book. The slight touches of classic movies added an extra layer to this book and I loved it!

I’m eagerly anticipating the next one in this series. I think it’s going to be great!

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