Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Bonds of Desire by Lynda Aicher

Wicked Play is the perfect title for this series cuz the players are wickedly HOT!

Bonds of Desire is the third book in the Wicked Play series. Now, I will admit that I have not read the first two, but that didn’t deter me from enjoying it. It’s not necessary to read the first two in order to follow this one. It’s a stand alone in it’s own right.

In this book we find ourselves facing the darker side of BDSM. The side that gives BDSM a bad name. Tyler is a rent-boy. He gets paid to have sex. He’s chosen to do this with other men as he makes more money that way. This time around, he’s being submissive to a sadistic bastard. He gets whipped so bad that he can’t stand on his own. Enter club owner and all around badass, Seth Matthews.

Seth sets out to care of Tyler. In doing so, he asks Allison English to come represent Tyler and protect him. Allison is strung to tight and needs to learn to let loose. Seth can’t help but issue a challenge to her. One that ends up putting Tyler, Seth and Allison on course that will change their lives forever.

Seth and Allison take care of Tyler, while Tyler keeps Seth and Allison together. Seth and Allison make a decision to help Tyler, but go about it the wrong way. Tyler feels betrayed and walks. Then Seth and Allison fall apart. What was once a happy threesome is now a group of heart-broken people.

Things then start falling apart for Tyler. They go from bad to worse. Can Allison and Tyler save him?

This was an amazing story. I loved seeing how Seth was able to take the seedy side of BDSM and show us that not everyone is like that. I also enjoyed that Seth didn’t need to go to the club to enjoy Allison and Tyler. It also wasn’t all about tying up and spanking. It was about control and pleasure. It was about caring for each other and doing what was best for them.

Seth is the perfect dom. He makes mistakes, but he does it out of concern for those he cares about. Allison and Tyler were the perfect compliment to Seth. Both strong in their own right. They were all willing to reach for what they wanted. Each learned a valuable lesson from the others and when the chips were down, they took care of each other.

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