Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review: Reburn by Anne Marsh

Sam and Olivia were lovers 10 years ago. She left for school and they never spoke again. Until now.

Olivia is an FBI Agent in search of a lunatic. He’s come to the forest of Big Bear Lake. Sam’s territory as a firefighter in the forest.  Sam’s fighting a fire and Olivia’s looking for her criminal.  When Sam and Olivia meet up again, sparks fly.

This was an OK story for me. There was a lot of talk about the fire and how they fight it.  In fact, it seemed more about fire fighting than the attraction between Olivia and Sam. I just couldn’t get into it. I kept waiting for the sparks between Sam and Olivia.  I just didn’t feel the connection between them.

When the end of the book came and Olivia is wanting a second chance with Sam, I didn’t get it. The passion and spark and spark between them just wasn’t there for me. I didn’t get it..

I’ll read the second one to see if I can get more feeling from it. I love the idea of stories about Firefighters and Smoke Jumpers. In fact, I love Anne Marsh’s Smoke Jumper Series, so I was sad that I didn’t feel connected to this book.

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