Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review: Truth (Finding Anna #3) by Sherri Hayes

OH NO! OH NO! OH NO!  I was so hoping this was the final installment of Finding Anna. But…’s not. DAMMIT!

We’re left with another cliffhanger. I understand why this cliffhanger had to happen, but REALLY? I need to know what happens! It’s killing me!

Truth picks up right where Need leaves off. Of course, Stephan, being the perfect guy, shows up in time to save Brianna from her dad. But it doesn't end there. Her dad is determined to get her back. All he ends up doing is causing problems. Stephan continues to pursue Ian Pierce, determined to make him pay. All that ends up doing is causing problems.

Along the way, Brianna continues to grow as a person. She’s becoming more confident and the nightmares are starting to fade. She’s still broken, but Stephan is working on that. So is Brianna.

Sherri Hayes has continued to amaze me with this series. It’s not the typical romance. It’s not typical BDSM. It’s not typical anything. This story is both heart-warming and disturbing at the same time. Heartwarming that Stephan and  Brianna have found each other.  Heartwarming because Stephan is gentle and kind and perfect for Brianna. Disturbing that anyone could do that to another human being. The things Brianna has suffered through are horrible and heart breaking. No one should ever go through something like that!

Stephan is amazing and little hard to believe. I mean he’s 24! No 24 year old I’ve ever met could do what Stephan has done. But then Stephan has never been the normal person. Brianna is amazing as well. She’s grown and blossomed under Stephan.

I really need the next book. I have to know what happened. This series is killing me! At some point I cry during every story. I also find myself cheering Brianna on. It’s amazing!

Bring on the next one!

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