Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blog Tour & Giveaway: By Referral Only by Lyla Payne

After being unceremoniously dumped freshman year because of her family’s “new money” status, Ruby has taken care not to put her heart on the line. Easy and fun, that's what Ruby wants. The only problem is, when it comes to satisfaction in the sack, most of the boys at Whitman are nothing but pretty window dressing and false advertising.

Ruby takes it upon herself to make campus life more fulfilling, creating a referral database that allows female students to rate their sexual experiences, thereby informing girls of what they’re getting into before agreeing to a date.  I loved this idea, and could have used it myself when I was in college to weed out the losers and douche bags that I came across, especially that one loser I dated.  Anyways! Moving on.

Cole is the hot Scottish swimmer for Whitman, and it is driving him nuts that he has such a low rating on the referral site.  He doesn’t know that Ruby, the girl that has caught his eye and wants to date badly, is the one who is running the site.  There is a reason why the girls are giving him the ratings that they are, and once you find out the reason behind it, you will understand.  For me, it made me love Cole even more.  I wish there would have been Cole’s point of view not just Ruby’s so you could see what his reactions to some of the stuff Ruby says and does.  I really liked Cole’s character, almost more than I liked Ruby.

When Cole asks Ruby out, she knows that his ratings are not good at all and no one has given him a referral, so she decides to put him off.  She’s involved with her acting partner anyways, so it is the perfect reason to stay away from Cole, except she finds that she is just as attracted to Cole as he is to her.

When Ruby gives in to Cole, will she be able to keep her mind open and rate him fairly or will she allow what others have done to cloud over her judgment?  The connection between them is something that melted my heart at times.  Cole honestly likes Ruby for who she is, not because of how new or old her money is, and she needed that.  When the truth about Cole comes out I wanted to bitch slap Ruby for her reaction because it just gave her the excuse to take off.  What she didn’t think was what Cole was going through knowing that she found out his secret, something that caused him to get those poor ratings from others to begin with.  My heart broke for Cole.

This is the second book in this series and once again the author has brought into the light some things that happen at universities all over except that instead of it being the guys who are rating, it is the girls, which is an angle that I loved.  This series is one that I personally am starting to love and its only book two!  I am extremely curious to see what other antics of college life that this author will bring.

Author Bio:

I’ve long had a love of stories. A few years ago decided to put them down on the page, and even though I have a degree in film and television, novels were the creative outlet where I found a home. I’ve published Young Adult under a different name, but when I got the idea for Broken at Love (my first New Adult title), I couldn’t wait to try something new – and I’m hooked.  In my spare time I watch a ton of tennis (no surprise, there), play a ton of tennis, and dedicate a good portion of brain power to dreaming up the next fictitious bad boy we’d all love to meet in real life.

Twitter: @lyla_payne

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Robin said...

I would LOVE to read this book because some of my greatest memories are from my college days so any books that are college driven are so sentimental for me. I'm stoked. Can't wait to read and I hope I win!

Angel McGuffey said...

This is a unique concept, usually it's calls girls or the usual college romance, but this I'd love to read! I'd love to see if he ruins his chance with her because his ego is bruised or if he gets the girl and maybe changes his score in the process! Wish we had one of these when I was young and single. =)
Thanks for the giveaway!

Jenny Dauksa Schaber said...

I love the idea behind this book. It's nice to see the girls creating what guys have been talking about in locker rooms for years. I look forward to reading this one!

Diana Doan said...

Wow, this sounds like a good read. I love the concept, could have sure used this referral site back when I was in school :P


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