Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tempt Me at Twilight by Lisa Kleypas

Tempt Me At Twilight is the 3rd book in the Hathaways Series

I am really enjoying Lisa's books. So much that I've read three series of hers back to back now. Her books have addicting story lines that can hold it's own. They have emotion that pulls at you in opposite directions, beautiful romance and characters you come to love as your own. And what's better than that?

Mr. Rutledge was so charming in the beginning. He was mysterious, dark and very sensual to me. There was something very alluring about the way he watched Poppy when she would speak that had me wanting him.

As the novel progressed though, I started to despise him for interjecting himself into Poppy's and Micheal's relationship. Poppy and Michael wanted to get married but Michael was waiting for the right time to ask his father for permission. Michael's family is of blue blood and they are only suppose to marry their own kind, which Poppy was not. What Mr. Rutledge did to Poppy and Michael was ruthless. Mr. Rutledge didn't really love Poppy at first, but wanted to win her; it was more of a game to him then. There were times I wanted to throttle Mr. Rutledge for some of the things he would say and do to Poppy. Like when he compromised her. So sneaky of him!

I feel like Michael should have fought for Poppy if he truly wanted her. That was how, for me, Mr. Rutledge totally redeemed himself. He fought tooth and nail to win Poppy's love and affection, which he did, and at the same time falling head over heals in love with her.

I enjoyed this book very much. Such a great read! We get to see the other Hathaways in this book along with the witty humor that comes with them. I loved watching Leo and Cat bicker. It was the best! This was another stellar novel to add to my Lisa Kleypas Collection. 

A couple of my favorite parts of the book were-

"My God. Something else we agree on." Leo gave the companion a half-mocking smile, half-uneasy glance. "We have to stop doing this Marks, it's making my stomach turn."
"Please, do not say that word," she snapped.
"Stomach? Why not?"
It is indelicate to refer to your anatomy." She gave his tall form a disdainful glance. "And I assume you, no one has any interest in it."
"You think not? I'll have you know, Marks, that scores of woman have remarked on my--"
"Ramsay," Cam interrupted, giving him a warning glance.
-Leo to Catherine Marks, the sisters companion

Beatrix was the first to speak. "Have you been compromised, Poppy?" she asked with concern. "As Win was last year?"
"Yes, she has," Leo replied while Poppy let out a little moan. "It's a bad habit our family's gotten into. Marks, you should right a poem about it."

The chef looked deeply concerned. "You think there's a problem with his carrot?"
"Watercress, carrot--is everything food to you?" Jake demanded.
The chef shrugged, "Oui."
"Well," Jake said testily, "there is a string of Rutledge's past mistresses who would undoubtedly there is nothing wrong with his carrot."
"Alors, he is a virile man....she is a beautiful woman....why are they not making salad together?"

"Yes, but it''s a masculine problem."
Leo blanched. "I wouldn't know anything about that, either. I don't have masculine problems. In fact, I don't even like the phrase 'masculine problems'."
"Oh." Crestfallen, Poppy pulled a blanket on herself.
"Damn it. What exactly are we calling a 'masculine problem'? Did he have trouble running the flag up? Or did it fall to half-staff?"
"Do we have to speak metaphorically, or--"
"Yes," Leo said firmly.
"All right. He..." Poppy frowned in concentration as she searched for the right words, "...left me while the flag was still flying."
"Was he drunk?"
"Did you do or say something to make him leave?"
"Just the opposite. I asked him to stay and he wouldn't."
Shaking his head, Leo rummaged in a side compartment beside his seat and swore. "Where in the blazes is my liquor? I told the servants to stock the carriage with drink for the journey. I'm going to fire the bloody lot of them."
"There's water, isn't there?"
"Water is for washing, not drinking."

"Cam is visiting Lord Westcliff at Stony Cross Park, Amelia is inside with the baby, Beatrix is roaming the woods, and Merripen is with some of the tenants, lecturing them on the new technology of hoeing."
The word caught Leo's attention. "I know all about that. If you don't want to go to a brothel, there are certain districts of London--"
"Hoeing, Leo," Win said."Breaking the ground with farm implements."
"Oh, well I know nothing about that."

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