Thursday, May 24, 2012

Navarro's Promise by Lora Leigh

Navarro's Promise is the 24th book in the Breed Series

I am a big fan of the Breed series. I've liked almost all of the books in this series and that goes for this one as well. I don't remember ever meeting our hero, Navarro, in the past books or Mica, our heroine, Cassie's best friend. It has been a while since I've read these books but I just couldn't remember either of those characters.

I don't think the storyline has changed much; someone out to kill a Breed or a Breed's mate. Clearly it seems to work with this series seeing as it's so popular. But doesn't anyone think it's a little strange how all the Breeds live under one roof? I mean, one bomb and they're all gone.

I have to say that I LOVED Mica's personality and how she didn't put up with the mating heat. She has been in love with Navarro since she was sixteen. They both felt a connection back then but stayed away from each other to avoid becoming mates. Navarro's reasons for staying away were understandable- Mica was too young. He wanted her to explore and enjoy her life before she became a mate.

Navarro has recessed genes and was devoid of any feelings, as that is how he was created making it hard for a mating hormones to fully develop as well. Mica had learned to cover her emotions since she lived with the Breeds and they were able to sense what she was feeling. With the combination of both of those traits, the mating was different in this book then the others.

Navarro was able to block the mating heat while Mica was in full heat. In the past books, the heroines have all given in to the mating heat as soon as it strikes. I would have liked to see them fight the urges off just a bit like Mica did in this book. I think it brings more heat and tension to the story and not just sex. The chemistry starts to grow between the characters and that's when the connection starts to appear. Mica did not want to gravel at Navarro's feet for his touch so she fought the mating heat. I don't blame her one bit either. Who wants to beg for their lover to touch them? Not me. Little did she know he wasn't fighting not to be with her, he just didn't have the emotions she did to show it. The romance scenes were smoking hot! But they always are when it's a Lora Leigh book. In this book, I felt like her scenes lasted a little longer than usual, maybe repeating what she said but wording it differently.

When it comes to the Breed books, everyone wants to know about Cassie. We were not given any clue as to who her mate is and I don't think we will know for a long time. Most people suspect it is Dog....

The big problem I had with this book? The missing pages. There is a whole scene or two missing from the book at the end. I was at a part where Mica was pressed against a wall by Navarro, grinding against her, kissing her, to Mica and Navarro wrapped in sheets in a bed with Bradenmore standing before them trying to kill Mica and Navarro. It was clearly a romance scene that is missing but how they got to the bed is a mystery. I did hear that the author put up the scene on her website so I will have to cheat it out. But that is a huge editing mistake that should have never happened. I am horrible when it comes to grammar and punctuation, I'm the first to admit it. I make errors all the time. I can't believe how many darn errors are in this book! Did her editor not read this book before publishing?

 I definitely liked this book despite that one problem and I look forward to the others.


Maria D. said...

Good review, I too enjoyed this book but was upset about the missing pages because it really interrupted my reading flow and I had to go back and check to make sure I hadn't accidentally skipped a couple of pages...they were simply just missing.

Under the Covers said...

Great review Taryn! I felt exactly the same about this one!


DiDi said...

I stopped at about book 17, I read them all in a row and felt like I was reading the same book with different names, then this one came out and all the controversy about the missing pages and lack of a "fix" for the problem got to me. So I put them aside. I really want to see what happens with Cassi so I know I will pick them up again one day.

Great Review!

Taryn @MySecretRomance said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies!

I thought it was only me who saw the similarities in her books. Guess not. Even though I know what I'm in for each time I read her books, I still can't stay away. There's something about those shifters and the mating heat that drives my crazy...I love it!


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