Monday, May 14, 2012

ARC Review: Party of Three by Daire St. Denis

Desi and Tina have been friends for years. Desi and her boyfriend Josh both want Tina.  Will Tina give in? Will the secret Tina is keeping from Desi tear them apart?

Daire St. Denis does an excellent job of creating a story and characters that pull at you. When Desi and Josh approach Tina after a party for a little ménage, Tina isn’t quite ready to make the jump. I like how Ms. St. Denis shows how jumping into a ménage isn’t all that easy. She also shows how the risk of changing a relationship from friendship to more can be difficult and scary.  We also get a bit of Tina and Desi’s background.

The added mixture of Kenton, the jerk (insert inappropriate word here for jerk) adds some stress and suspense to Tina’s story. Ms. St. Denis created a creepy character in Kenton and he made my skin crawl.

I couldn’t give this story five stars as Josh and Desi both fell a little flat for me. Desi was definitely better developed than Josh, but I would have liked a little more on Josh. Character development is always hard in novellas but a little more about Josh would have been nice.

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