Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sweet Blood of Mine by John Corwin

Young Adult novels are not my typical genre but the premise of this one intrigued me. Justin Case is an overweight high school senior who gets picked out and has zero luck with girls. One day he begins to transform into something else and he’s lost as he tries to figure out this new world of the supernatural.

I was very excited about this book as it’s told entirely from a male point of view. I was also excited because the main character was not the most beautiful and popular boy in school. He had a lot of obstacles to overcome.

All this excitement led to a big letdown for me for several reasons.

The first 30%-40% of the book was all about how this poor kid was bullied in school and no one would help him. The administrators were all against him because they all love the football team and the football team was the one picking on him. I quickly got tired of reading about one bullying incident after another. It was almost like the author was trying to make a statement about bullying.

Another area that was a big letdown to me was the mystery behind what Justin was becoming. I felt this was drug out too long and too many answers were left until the very end of the story. It was very frustrating for me.

The last thing that disappointed me about the book and really pissed me off was Justin’s parents. First, they let one children go in favor of keeping themselves hidden. They didn’t fight to keep both children. I am a mother and I could NEVER do that. I would rather live on the run without anything than let one of my children go. Second, when the mother finally goes after the daughter, the dad checks out on the son. No matter how hard things are, you have to stay there for the kids. This was a throw the book across the room moment for me.

The redeeming qualities for this story are the HEA with Justin finally getting the girl and Justin rescuing his dad. The final showdown when Justin rescued his dad was well written and kept me on the edge of my seat. I just wish the rest of the book could have been exciting and thrilling for me.

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Maria D. said...

Sounds like an interesting book but like you YA is not my normal read- too much angst but this one does at least have an interesting premise. Well done review.


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