Monday, May 14, 2012

Secrets Of A Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas

5 Stars

Secrets Of A Summer Night is the 1st book in the Wallflowers Series

I am absolutely head over heels in love with this author, er...I mean her books! : I am so glad that I decided at the last minute to buy all her books in paperback and hardcover instead of on my kindle.

I woke up one day with this urge to read a Historical Romance novel. It really came out of no where. So I tried three different ones and couldn't stand any of them. One was so long and written in a way that I've never seen before that I had a hard time following it. I was looking up words every other page because I had no idea what they meant! Very frustrating. Then I tried two others and they were ok but nothing great. I actually stopped half way because they were boring. I was beginning to think they were all like that until I found Lisa Kleypas, and boy was I wrong.

I have always loved the Victorian era. I don't know why really. I guess it's the dresses and balls and the way of life. I would have loved to been around during those times. For years, I had a Victorian style Christmas tree and never realized it until one year my husband asked if I could change the decorations because he isn't a fan of the Victorian era. I had no idea what he was talking about until I looked more closely at the decorations and realized he was right. 

Secrets of a Summer Night started off a little slow for me. But I kept going and I am beyond happy that I did! The relationship that develops between the four wallflowers is great. They get along famously and the best part was when Annabelle called Evie a hussy during their letter writing. I haven't heard that word in years! I was dying of laughter! Or when Daisy told Simon that she wasn't going to stand by passively while he molests her friend because he wanted to make sure her leg wasn't broken. There were some very funny lines in this book.

I wasn't crazy of Simon Hunt at first. I did not like that way he was described in the beginning. He sounded like a creep to me and I wasn't sure how he was going to work out. Simon was always looking out for Annabelle. Soon Annabelle started to fall for him and once I got to know Simon, I started to fall for him even after my complaints. I simply adored him in the end!

A few things that bothered me was the way Lord Westcliff and the other women viewed Annabelle. They all thought that she was a self-absorbed, smug woman who only thought about herself. I never got those feelings from her. To me, she was the least self-centered woman who thought about everyone else's well being but her own. She looked out for her mother and brother and did everything in her power to take care of them. I actually began to hate Lord Westcliff and how he kept making remarks to Simon on how Annabelle was the wrong woman to marry. In the end, Lord Westcliff did redeem himself and now I can't wait to read his book.

This was such a beautiful love story and I am enjoying this series very much.


Maria D. said...

Good review! I haven't read this series but I do have some of Ms. Kleypas historical's in my tbr....will have to go through them and see what I have so that I can start reading them. Thanks for sharing.

Under the Covers said...

Great review! This was the book that got me back into reading historicals!



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