Monday, May 28, 2012

Power Play by Chellsie B. Dancer

Sergio Davis is working on landing an important account that will be the ticket to making partner by the time he’s thirty, and on his way into his office, he meets a beautiful woman.  Liz is an heiress who is successful in business, but not so much in relationships.  She seeks a man that wants her for herself and not her money.  She meets a sexy artistic man who takes control – something she’s wholly unfamiliar with giving up – and brings out her submissive side.  Liz seduces and teases him, spending nights paying the delicious price at his mercy.  They each make their power plays, but who will end up getting their way?

Power Play is an enjoyable sexy read with just a taste of bondage fun that leaves you wanting more of Sergio’s and Liz’s story.

I enjoyed this book.  The chemistry between the characters is good, and I love the way they tease each other.  The sex scenes were hot and their buildup was wickedly playful.  I loved how the sex scenes included a little light bondage, but in such a way as to ease the reader into it because it was so new and unusual even to the characters.  I also liked how every move they made with each other was a power play, pushing the other to see how far they could go.  Being that they were both in the corporate world, the term was very ambiguous and applied to both the boardroom and the bedroom.

While normally I would say it all happened a little fast with the emotional ties etc. I will attribute the speed to the immediate chemistry that develops right from the start.  Other than that my only complaint is how much Sergio overreacts to something that Liz says and does.  While I am totally on his side in the matter, I really just didn’t imagine him behaving the way he did in the aftermath.  I digress, I still got my happy ending and enjoyed the journey, which is the important part.

Oh and did I mention I now have a new appreciation for neck ties? *wink*


Maria D. said...

Good review - Power Play sounds yummy and hot. Thanks for sharing your review.

Chellesie B said...

Hey Buffy,
I'm so glad you enjoyed Power Play! It was originally intended as a short story, but I had so much fun writing his 'payback' seduction of her that it turned into a full novella. Thanks for the well thought out review!

Buffy Kennedy said...

Thank you Chellesie for the opportunity to read it! I'd love to check out your other works :-)


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