Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley

Sadly, this book was a DNF for me. I got half way through and had to stop. I really wanted to like this one since it has the kind of hero I love: a mean, over the top alpha jerk.

The story of how Hawk and Gwen met is not what bothered me. It's what occurred after that sent me over the edge. It was absolutely ridiculous and I just could not get past it.

Gwen has a one night stand with a man, who is presumably to be Hawk...but she's not quite sure and to be honest, neither am I. After that one night stand, this man appears at night in her bed for sex. Who in their right mind lets a man break into her house at any given hour of the night to have sex with them and then leave?!? This went on for almost two years! Gwen didn't even know WHO it was or HOW he got into her house either, hence the name Mystery Man. A little creepy and grotesque if you ask me.

Even though I could not finish this book, there are a few other books I've seen by this author that I still plan to read.

*sigh* This is one of those books everyone loved but me. I hate when that happens.


Maria D. said...

It happens! This sounds like something I would probably not finish either. I love the idea of romance but even in fiction there has to be a level of

DiDi said...

I bought this because a friend said it was great. Haven't read it yet, now you have me curious, I like to read a book where my friends have two polar opposite takes on it =) Thanks for the honest review!


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