Friday, May 11, 2012

A Ravishing Redhead by Jillian Eaton

A Ravishing Redhead is a quick little read.  After inheriting his family’s estate that is steeped in debt, Henry, a Duke, is desperate to salvage his family’s name and turn around his finances.  A business opportunity presents itself, but no bank in England will loan to him.  The only option he has left is to marry an heiress and use her dowry.

Margaret’s mother wants her daughter to have a noble title.  The marriage is arranged without either Henry or Margaret ever meeting till their wedding day.  Drunk and slurring through his vows he deposits his wife at Heathridge estate and sets out for his business venture.

Henry returns eight months later to find his estate in shambles, most of the staff dismissed and his lovely wife running around dressed in men’s breeches mucking out the stalls.  Margaret left penniless for those months has done the best she could to keep the estate running; even selling her own clothes.

Henry begins to make things right.  Time passes as they get to know each other.  You get a sense of love building, but they still sleep separately each night.  Finally, on a trip to the city, Henry cannot stand this separation any longer.  He pounds on Margaret’s locked door wanting in her bedroom and wanting into much more.

The overall story kept me interested, wanting to see how things developed.  However, there were times when it just didn’t flow.  A Ravishing Redhead takes place in a time when marriages were arranged, women wore full length dresses and bloomers. Yet every now and then the dialogue would slip into modern times.

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