Monday, May 21, 2012

Howl by Annalise Grey

Sophie is a werewolf from a very tight night pack. Jaime is a human who works with Sophie’s brother and has no idea werewolves exist. Jaime and Sophie fall in love even though their love is forbidden. But when animal attacks start killing humans, will they be able to work together to solve the mystery?

Annalise Grey does an outstanding job of weaving a story so believable and captivating you can’t stop reading it. I found myself getting teary eyed as Jaime and Sophie tried to find their way through their relationship.

Part way through the story I figured out part of the mystery with the humans being killed. While I was correct in one aspect of the killings, I was taken by surprise by the rest of it. Ms. Grey does an excellent job of showing the emotions Sophie goes through as she embarks on her new role.

Ms. Grey also adds in another element I love in books that are part of a series, the cliffhanger. While I love cliffhangers I hate having to wait until the next one comes out. So, now I must wait until the next one comes out to find out what Sophie does next.


DiDi said...

great review! I love the cover!

Lee Anne said...

Thanks DiDi! I'm happy to see people enjoying the reviews!


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