Monday, April 30, 2012

Soy Sauce Face by Sedonia Guillone

4 Stars!

To Sum it Up:

There’s no secret like the one you keep from yourself.  Jun knows this first hand, as he’s forced to confront his deepest feelings when all his alternate escape routes are thwarted after his career is thrown in question.  Upon seeing himself through his best friend, Tomo’s, eyes, he’ll find the greatest love he never guessed existed.

My Opinion:

This is a very sweet and very emotional romance between two friends who always wanted, but never expected more.

My Thoughts:

This story is a very emotional one, because Jun’s had a tough childhood, and he deals with that periodically throughout the book.  Tomo, his best friend, is the son of the man who took him in and they’ve always been close, but after the man’s death, there’s been tension that neither of them seems to know quite how to alleviate.  Jun is a “host” which is basically a high class male prostitute, and when he’s attacked one night while taking a break, his path in life is thrown into question and he’s forced to sit down and think through everything, no matter how much it hurts.  As usual, Tomo helps him through it, and it’s during this time when emotions are raw and they’re cooped up together for an extended period of time that they’re honesty with each other and themselves becomes apparent.  It’ll bring about what they both need, but were always too afraid to give voice to.

The author does a good job getting the reader emotionally invested and taking us on their journey of healing and reconnecting with each other (in more ways than one).  Tomo cares for Jun in a lot of ways, and it’s actually a little confusing at the beginning because it almost seems more of a fatherly love or brotherly love, but as time goes on you can definitely tell the chemistry between the two men.  If you like gay romance, this is a really touching story to check out!

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DiDi said...

Sounds like a really good and emotional read.


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