Sunday, April 22, 2012

If you love 50 Shades, then you'll love this.....

I think I've actually become addicted to Eden Bradley/Eve Berlin's work. They're provocative and titillating yet passionate and captivating. Her books give me a glorious sensual high that I don't want to come down from. Ahhh, I love her books!

With all the hype the Fifty Shades books are getting, I thought I'd share an author (I absolutely love!) who writes fantastic BDSM books. People are constantly looking for books similar to Fifty....well look no further, I have what you need! 

Eden Bradley writes the most sensual books I have ever read. No joke. She brings me into this tantalizing world making me feel every single word she writes. I want to feel the emotion the characters are feeling. I want to experience their struggles and challenges they're facing and I want to connect with them on a romantic level too. And that's what I love about this author. I can escape reality for a little while and transport into the story she created, making feel everything.That's an amazing author is you ask me.

One thing I really enjoy about Eden's writing is that she makes a smooth entrance for you into the lifestyle of BDSM. There's a huge percentage of readers who like to read it but don't know the true depth of that kind of relationship. Eden does an phenomenal job with it. She makes it understandable and pleasurable while at the same time telling a story. It's why I like her books so much. She doesn't have the readers dive head first into a shallow end. She makes it desirable and sensual and leaves you almost begging to experience it. 

But it's not just the steamy sex scenes Eden writes, which are smoking hot by the way! The descriptions of people and places she writes in her books paint an exact imagine for me. They leave me without having to second guess anything, which is another thing I love about this author. I want to know exactly what she had pictured in her mind when she was writing the book. I don't want to have to guess a place or a person in the story. I want to see what she saw- and I do each and every time.

Here are a few lines that I marked when I was reading her books. I thought I'd share them with you- 

"It is, even now, at the end of winter. I love the driftwood that's washed up on shore. The shapes and the textures are so sinuous, so beautiful. It's like a still life. Like a garden of dead wood, with the sand the dry earth. Yet it's not really dead, is it? It's strangely alive, just...stilled. Serene." -Rowan

And all around them the dark sky hid the stars and the rain fell, washing the earth clean.

Early dawn. The sky glowed with shades of pink and gold as the sun made its way over the horizon, fighting through a thin layer of mist to light the sky in a spectacular blaze of color.

The sky is dark now, inky all over, except for the nearly full moon, And where it touches the water, reflecting, it gives just enough silvery light to see by. I lie back in the sand, which is still warm from the day, allowing my brain to empty, hoping for peace, and finding a little of it in that bottomless arc overhead.

So if you're looking for more books like Fifty's, I really think you should check this author out. You will not be disappointed! Here are the links to her books written under both names.

Written as Eden Bradley-

The Darker Side of Pleasure
The Beauty of Surrender
The Dark Garden

Written under Even Berlin-

Eden Bradley doesn't write only BDSM books either. She writes many other books I call my favorites. I hope you try those out too.


Maria D. said...

I love Eden Bradley's books! Thanks for pointing one out I somehow overlooked.

Nikki said...

I haven't seen some of these books before, though i did buy the first in the Eve Berlin series. Because of all the hype, i also recently bought the first book in the fifty shades.

I've been amazed at how passionate, touching and emotional BDSM reads can be, and have been looking for some great ones to add to my collection. Thanks for sharing.

Pam said...

Thank you for the introduction of her books.

DiDi said...

I definitely want to check this out! I met Eden/Eve at RT, a real sweetie and BEAUTIFUL!

Eden Bradley-Eve Berlin said...

Thank you so much for your beautiful post about my work-I'm flattered and blushing!
And thank you for taking the time to write about my books on your blog-I appreciate it so much!
Eden/Eve :)

Viktoria Bruce said...

Not an author I'd heard of until now *hangs head in shame*
Thanks for putting her on my reading radar, The Dark Garden sounds great!

*New follower*

Vix @

jessiel said...

I'll be checking out this author this summer. Thank you for the review!


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