Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Second Chance by Christy Reece

5 stars!
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Second Chance is the 5th book in the Last Chance Rescue Series.

This is romantic-suspense at its best! Christy Reece writes a gripping tale of a mother who not only lost her husband a year earlier, but has her twin daughters kidnapped before her very eyes and then sold to human traffickers.

Keeley's children are kidnapped in front of her and she is powerless to stop it. Last Chance Rescue sends in Cole, one of their top rescuers. I couldn't wait to read about Cole since I thought he had died in a previous book. Cole gives Keeley not only his help, but love and support while trying to find the kidnappers during this stressful time for her. I had an idea who had kidnapped the girls, but at the same time thought it was just too easy for it to be that person....and I was right. I was glad we didn't find out who the set the whole plan up until the very end. What a suspenseful scene that was! And a wicked evil person to boot! Christy writes the best villains. She really makes them come to life through the pages.

Christy Reece is my absolute favorite romantic suspense author. I love her and her books! This story was so very emotional for me. As a mother myself, all I could think about was what if this ever happened to me. I teared up quite a few times while reading this book. I would recommend Christy Reece to anyone who likes Pamela Clare. Christy is a fantastic writer. A force to be reckoned with.

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