Monday, April 30, 2012

Bared To You by Sylvia Day

5 Stars!

I absolutely LOVED this book.  This is a story about two wounded and broken individuals who seem to soothe the pains when they are together.  Gideon Cross is a multibillionaire who never has relationships with the women he has sex with, but Eva refuses to just be another notch on his bedpost so to speak.  He is determined to have her in his life.  Eva doesn’t care about Gideon’s wealth or money, she has her own, what she worries about is her past hurting him when their relationship is revealed to the public.  Both keep doing things to screw up, like running when things upset them but it’s like they are drawn together through this indescribable sexual chemistry.  Eva opens up to Gideon about her past and trusts him to never hurt her like that.  Gideon hints at what his demons are but in this book it’s not revealed but one can speculate what it is from what has been revealed to us.  Add to the mix, Carey, Eva’s best friend and roommate who has his own issues to deal with too.

This book reminds me a lot like Fifty Shades of Grey but it is its own story and has its differences that draw you in from almost the beginning.  Gideon is possessive and obsessed with Eva but he is trying to be the man she wants in his life, and even though he keeps screwing up he begs her not to give up on him yet.  Gideon does do some things though in regards to some past relationships that makes you want to slap him and say really and you wonder why she keeps running from you, you idiot!  Eva is just as possessive and I was really hoping at one point she was going to whoop some jealous conniving bitch ass, but she never did.

This is one hot book and I would suggest that you have your husband, boyfriend or significant other nearby when you read this book but the sex scenes are smoking hot, and for me with my deployed husband still gone for at least another month, makes me want to attack him the second he gets home.  I had never read a full length novel by Sylvia Day before Bared to You, but I can guarantee that this will not be my last book; I can’t wait to read the next Crossfire book.


Eileen said...

I was thinking about this book and I am glad that you liked it. I'm going to get this and read it. Thanks for the review

robin said...

I LOVED this book....I am eagerly awaiting the next one!!!! Definite must read :)

Tess said...

Im reading this now. It def grabbed my attention from the very beginning! love when that happens :)
Looking fwd to reading more.


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