Monday, April 30, 2012

Power Play by Chellesie B. Dancer

Sergio is a graphic designer who is trying to reach his goal of making partner in the firm that he works in before the age of 30.  On his way into work, he has this connection with a lady in the elevator that brings out his dominate side.  Before he can learn her name she gets off the elevator and he doesn’t even know which floor she got off on.  Before a big presentation to a very important new client, and the account that could possibly achieve his goal, he runs into his mystery woman once more.   

Enter Liz, she messes with Sergio, flirting outrageously and working him up until his dominance once again makes an appearance.  Sergio is flustered because he knows that he needs to concentrate and get mentally prepared for his meeting but his control snaps.  Liz surprises him after the fact by walking back into the room as the client he needs to impress.   Liz then offers him an opportunity to help her out for the day which then leads to his taking control that night.  It is a power play between Liz trying to get Sergio to come work for her and Sergio dominating her in the bedroom.

I liked the idea for the book, I have always been a fan of BDSM books, but for some reason I wasn’t all that impressed with this one.  For one, it seemed like the book jumped around way too much and heroine just got on my nerves. In a way, Liz was constantly trying to bribe Sergio. Him setting aside his goal of making Partner just really irritated me because his goal meant something and even after him explaining it to Liz. She still continued to act like a spoiled brat and tried to get her way.  Like I stated earlier the story just jumped around too much and tried to bring too much in at once.  I think if the book was longer in length it would be a lot better, being a novella didn’t do the storyline justice.  I would like to read something longer by this author to see if it was just this book that I had a problem with or if I do not click with her writing style.

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