Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pulled by A.L. Jackson

5 Stars!

Make sure you have plenty of boxes of tissues available when you read this book. Pulled is a very emotional, heart wrenching read.  It is a story about mistakes, heart break, soul mates, healing, forgiveness, and true love.  You are drawn in from the first few chapters.  Melanie is a trophy wife who is emotionally abused by her successful husband.  From the start you know she misses the love of her life, Daniel, and that a tragedy happened that had separated them nine years before.  Daniel, is a doctor who is in practice with his father, who is also broken emotionally  from the pain he feels from missing Melanie.  He tries to temporarily forget but can’t, he only wants his girl back and nothing and no one else can ever replace her in his heart.  He has made mistakes, one big one that will play a major role in their lives and could heal or hurt their relationship.

I love a book where I can actually feel the emotions the author is trying to portray, and have a connection to the characters from the start.  I was pulled, no pun intended, immediately into Melanie’s pain and heartbreak.  You know something bad happened that broke her and her heart but not what and for me I just wanted to somehow reach into the book and hold her and tell her that it will be okay.  You want to reach out and smack Nicholas, her abusive husband for the way he treats and talks to her.  You feel the same sense of loss when you are reading Daniel’s point of view.  When by fate they find each other again when Melanie’s husband is trying to get the contract to build Daniel’s new building you already start routing for them to begin to heal, but it is never that easy.  Enter Vanessa, she is pregnant with Daniel’s child after trying to trap him into a relationship that he doesn’t want, she is like a bad rash that just doesn’t go away.  She refuses to take the hint that Daniel doesn’t want anything to do with her and really doesn’t want the baby either.

The struggles that Melanie and Daniel go through, not just to be together but to heal, is heart wrenching because you learn how strong their relationship was from the moment they first met and you know that they are soul mates in the truest meaning of those words.  They have this connection that can not be described, they are pulled to each other by a force stronger than can be explained in words.   The heartbreak that they go through, and when you find out what that was, you are in awe that they are even functioning especially apart when they needed to be together.  You can begin to feel the healing of their hearts and souls from the moment they reconnect and promise their love to each other once again.  Forgiveness plays a huge role in the healing and reconnecting of their hearts and souls.  When Melanie suffers the last time at the hands of Nicholas, you think it can’t get any worse for their relationship, that is, until Vanessa gives birth to her and Daniel’s son.  The events that happen after that are the final steps in the healing of their wounds, the ones that were obvious to the world and the ones that they held deep inside.  This story was a true happily ever after but only after heart break and pain.

I had to stop reading this from time to time because I would get so emotional and start crying.  I literally was pulled, again no pun intended, into this book and felt like I was there.  It brought up feelings and memories from my past that were painful that I thought were long buried.  I strongly believe in soul mates and fate playing a role when we find our one true love, the one person who completes not just our hearts but our souls as well.  I also believe that there is a connection like Melanie and Daniel had, when you find your other half, and when you find that connection, there are not words to describe the feelings you have.  This is how a great love story is written, life is not all hearts and flowers, but it is also tragedy and hurt but it is also healing and forgiveness.  I will defiantly be putting this book on my reread list and will be recommending this to my friends to read.


Nicky Wells said...

What a stunning review! I got emotional just reading it. Pulled is next on my TBR and already waiting on my Kindle. Thanks for such a glowing endorsement, I'll be reading it ever more eagerly now. Whooop! Congrats to AL for enthralling you so completely.

MOLLIE(Tough Critic Book Reviews) said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Love your page, new follower :-)


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