Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophia Kinsella

 5 Stars!

This is the story of Rebecca Bloomwood, journalist to a very NON famous magazine about MONEY. Bummer! She likes her life, she lives happy with her roommate Suze (who doesn’t charge her rent since she’s rich) BUT Becky has a TINY problem. Shes a SHOPAHOLIC! What a contradiction right!? 

How many of us have been shopaholics at one point or another in our lives?

(Don’t answer that question).

This book is an absolute WINNER and so delightful you will hardly be able to put it down. If you prefer contemporary or any other genre within romance rather than Chick Lits then this is THE BOOK you must read to make it happen! I guarantee that all your doubts will be solved and you will fall in love with Becky and Luke as I did.

Becky’s character resemble your typical working class dreamy girl with a taste for fashion. Not everybody is a fashionista, but in her world it really doesn’t matter: she has good taste on everybody’s behalf. I believe Sophie Kinsella portrayed a little bit of herself in Becky. She used to be a journalist for a financial magazine way before being a writer and she is a confessed fashionista.

What I can assure you, is that nowhere you will EVER find a character like Becky Bloomwood. She's unique and happy, she daydreams and has realistic problems like everybody and she finds a man (though it takes a while for her to realize it) like no other: Luke Brandon. To me, Luke is everything I want in a man. A successful entrepreneur, gorgeous, with the ideal job in Public Relations (I am Public Relations graduate myself even though I don’t work in the business), with endless connections, business partners, great taste in everything he does and detail oriented. In my opinion, Luke is my absolute ideal guy, but as you read this story you might think Becky doesn't care too much for him. She certainly is not interested in anything but fashion and having enough money to pay for it (that sounds obsessive, but it's not, you'll see).But she falls in love with Luke in such a sweet way it can only make your heart melt.

Take into consideration Becky is CLUELESS and OBLIVIOUS in a cute kinda way, it makes you laugh through the whole story how much Luke throws hints to her that he likes her and she (up to a certain point) doesn't relate it to attraction. Now, this is the British culture and some words might get confusing or could be hard for those who have never read anything in British English. But c’mon! I can't believe nobody has heard a ‘Blimey’ or ‘Telly’ before. And if you put Orlando Bloom’s or Jude Law’s on Luke it makes it even better!.

Many will think, well, Chick Lit's are like, "romance wannabe's". Others will consider this particular book as shallow and meaningless, but no! I can assure you, NO OTHER CHICK LIT has made me laugh, cry, smile, and feel butterflies all at once. Kinsella’s best shot was to make Becky aware of her mistake by not changing her completely. How can you actually love a reformed “shopaholic’? whats the fun in that?. And no, despite of the comments I've heard in the past, you do not change your point of view on shopping nor do you become a shopaholic yourself just because you read this book. DON'T FEAR! Maybe you could even learn a trick or two in finances rather that spend your entire savings account AND laugh out loud in the process.

This book is absolutely worth every penny you will spend on it.


Mrs Condit said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! The Shopaholic series are my favorite chick-lit books! I listened to them on audio books. Becky is such a ditz and Luke is such a sweetie. In fact all the characters are wonderful. The movie didn't do justice to the book or the characters, so skip it to read the book. Read all of them!

DiDi said...

I really need to read this one. Great review!


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