Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shoulda Been A Cowboy by Lorelei James

Shoulda Been A Cowboy is book 7 in the Rough Riders Series
4 Stars!

Domini was born in the Ukraine and an orphan at the age of 11. She came to America very young and had to rely on herself to get where she is. The once shy Ukrainian girl is now ready to let loose and wants to be dominated by none other then Cam. Unfortunately for Cam, who wants complete honesty, she is hiding secrets.

Cameron or Cam, is a war hero. He lost his part of his leg in battle and has isolated himself from the rest of his family except for Keely...and now Domini. No one has seen his scars or missing limb. He feels as though he is not a whole man and no one will accept him the way he is because of it. Domini tells Cam that she wants all of him or nothing....or there can't be relationship between them.

I go back and forth with this book. On one hand I loved it because it's a Rough Rider book and what's not to love about Lorelei's books? But on the other hand I have issues with Cam and the sex scenes.

I personally would have liked to see Cam fight Domini a little longer about his missing leg. For me, he gave in way too soon. I think it was about 25% into the book and he was ok with showing her his stump. Domini was definitely persistent on seeing all of him. There is some darkness in Cam because of being injured in the war...but there wasn't enough darkness for me. I personally like very dark heroes in my books. I think it would have added a bit more drama and tension to the storyline if Cam was darker. The romance scenes were hot and plentiful! There were a lot of sex scenes in the beginning of this book and I was starting to get turned off because the story line started to disappear. About 50% in that completely changed. The story line picked up and I couldn't put the book down after that. Another great book to add to the series!

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