Friday, December 13, 2013

Review: Bad Kitty by Eliza Gayle

Kity has lost everything.
She lost her father.
She lost her clan.
She’s been banned to the neutral zone.
And if she’s not careful, she’s going to lose her life.

The day Kitty moves to the neutral zone, she gets attacked. In order to save her life, she runs. She runs right into the enemy territory where she’s about to be claimed by the enemy.

Rafe comes across her and decides he has to save her. She’s his mate. The problem? She’s feline and he’s canine. On top of that, their clans don’t really get along. Add into this complication, according to the rules, Rafe’s clan members found her first and have claim to her.

This was a hot little tale. Rafe and Kitty were good together. My biggest problem was Kitty. She was difficult for me to like at times. She could be a real biotch.  Rafe was good with her. He put up with a lot and helped her learn to trust him.

The ending was a bit weird for me. It came a little out of left field for me. However, that ending did set up for future books in this series. I’ll definitely be reading them. This one is a spin off of another series by Eliza Gayle. I have not read that series and it did not prohibit me from enjoying this book. Enough back information is provided that the others are not necessary to this one. However, I intend to go back and read those!

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Tina B said...

Nice review!
I love Eliza Gayle's writing, but haven't read this one yet. I love shifters and it sounds interesting.
I have it on my TBR.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts, LeeAnne!


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