Thursday, December 5, 2013

Review: Perilous Promises by Christi Williams

Perilous Promises tells the story of a woman who has gone through so much. She’s survived cancer, fought her way back to health, finished her degree and found a job she loves.

I really wanted to like Perilous Promises. I have some things in common with Perris and thought it would appeal to me. However, it just didn’t work that way.

I found I didn’t like Perris. She was selfish and didn’t think of how her behavior affected others. She was completely self-absorbed. She has all these people around her who love her, care about her. All they want is to help take care of her and be there for her. Instead of embracing that, she acts like a spoiled brat! I will admit her ex-husband did get a bit overbearing, but in all honesty, I felt he was justified. She didn’t act like the threat to her was serious, or at least she didn’t take it seriously. Her ex-husband, Noah, just did what was needed to keep her safe. I guess in Perris’ mind it made her weak to need others. In reality that is just make her stupid and selfish.  Perris was constantly mad about the way others were taking over her life. If she had been mature enough she would have realized that others were stepping in without asking because of the way she was acting. It never occurred to her that she was the problem, not them. Asking for help, accepting help, does not make you weak. It just means you’re strong enough to realize you need help from those who love you.

Noah was a saint, at least in my mind. He tried to so hard to be what she needed. He did what he needed to protect her from the threat and put up with so much of her BS. He was willing to bend to her will in order to love her and have her. I loved Noah. We should all be so lucky as to have a Noah in our lives!

One of the things that really frustrated me about their entire reunion was the lack of communication from Perris. She never explained to Noah why their marriage fell apart. He asked, multiple times. She avoided the answer. She never gave him the answer he needed. It irritated me that he would go back to her without ever getting that answer. He has his suppositions but never got an answer. I was also frustrated because Noah was scared in their relationship. He wasn’t himself. He changed for her. He was hesitant to be himself with her. He was afraid of making a wrong move and having her leave him again. This doesn’t make for a good relationship. It will only lead to problems and more heartache down the road.

Love is about accepting people the way they are, not asking them to change for you. Perris wanted Noah to change. Noah loved Perris so much, he was willing to change for her. Perris wanted everything her way and didn’t really compromise. It was definitely a one-sided relationship.

So, while I definitely liked the concept, the tension of the threat against Perris and Noah, I just couldn’t get past Perris.

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