Monday, December 2, 2013

Review: The Promise by Tory Richards

What’s better than a man in uniform? A man getting out of that uniform? Yummy! When that man in uniform is a wounded warrior? Well, my heart just goes pitter patter!

The Promise by Tory Richards is a great story about one brother who makes a death bed promise to another. His promise? Watch over the brother’s wife and child.

I loved this story from the very beginning. Shannon was married to David and his family accepted her and adopted her into the family immediately. They were an amazing family. Even after David died they kept her close to their hearts.

Ryan has loved Shannon from the moment he laid eyes on her. The problem? Shannon is married to his brother. Now, his brother is dead and he’s promised to watch over her.

Ryan fights the attraction he has to Shannon. Shannon fights it just as hard, in the beginning. Then, she gives in and enjoys it.

I really liked this story. It was sweet, intense and romantic. The one thing that bothered me was Ryan’s change of heart. We didn’t really get an explanation of what changed his mind or why he changed his mind about Shannon.

Ryan’s family was amazing. They were accepting of Ryan and Shannon’s romance, even though she was once married to David. They pretty much encouraged Ryan and Shannon.

This was my first story by Tory Richards and I see more in my future!

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