Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Review: A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole

So, after a few mystery, erotica, cowboy and chick lit galore, I just had to go back to basics and try another Paranormal Romance. I came along (thanks to my dear friend Amanda) an author named Kresley Cole (know by most likely all of you) and her “Immortals After Dark” series a few months back with the release of her most recent book: “Lothaire”. In order to find out who, and what this character is I think I have to keep reading, but I was really curious not only because of the book names (which I have to admit I don’t like that much) as well as the because of the cover. So one day while loitering in Barnes & Noble I noticed that “A Hunger Like No Other” had 30% off and decided to buy it. 

It would be 4 months and 11 days later that I actually opened it; and yes, that’s the AHT (average hold time) my books have to be on my TBR list lately due to the stupidly and insane amount of books I have bought and won and swapped and so on. Ridiculous.

Anyways, since I wanted to start from fresh on a new PNR and Amanda had told me how awesome these books were, I just had to give it a try.

My thoughts:
Not that anybody has to agree with me, but this book is good though it does have some parts I am still trying to figure out, some others I simply gave up trying to understand, and some I won’t even mention.
If your question is: how are the hot steamy love scenes? Well, they are just that, HOT, STEAMY and quite romantic. I really enjoyed Mrs. Cole’s taste and her ability to describe everything so neatly and delicately, without turning the whole thing in a xxx scene.

The story though is at the beginning quite confusing, and to be honest, I would’ve appreciated a lot if she would’ve put the glossary BEFORE the whole story and not at the end. I finished this book a few minutes ago and tried to remember so many names, and places and races and beings and I just couldn’t digest all of them. Of course most say the first book in a serie is NOT the best, and I agree with that theory, but I’m not saying its bad, simply that It needed a more descriptive background BEFORE all the drama with Emmaline and Lachlain.

Emma and Lachlain are a good match. I admit I was really pleased to see such a strong character in Emma and a patient, understanding and loving ALPHA as Lachlain make a perfect match. I didn’t agree with the fact that most likely it was Stokholm Syndrome what she developed (the way how he MAKES her stay and basically threatens her will also convince you), but at the end Emma learns that all he wants to do is please her and give her everything his queen should have. After all he waited for her for centuries (150 of those years locked up because of Emma’s dad). Their relationship and the journey they have to go through from Paris to Scotland will show you just what a great match they are.

I’m still confused as to what a Valkyrie is (is it a fairy?)
Is it that they eat lightning or they don’t eat at all and produce lightning?
What is the Horde and the Lore?
All of Emma’s aunts and their direct relation with her is confusing. Are all of them Valkyries?
So she is the daughter of Helen of Troy?
I have a few more questions, but I guess I’ll keep reading cause the next book looks interesting.

I’ll give this one 4 stars. Mrs. Cole certainly has a vast imagination so I really hope the rest will be a little bit more clear.

Do I recommend this book? YES! Just be patient and keep reading.

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Tina B said...

Fabulous review, Sophie!
This series is one of my favorites and I agree that the first book in a series is usually not the best.
I always find so much world building that sometimes the characters get a little lost.
Happy to hear that you will keep on reading and I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on the series. :)


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