Thursday, December 12, 2013

Blog Tour and Review: For Real by Chelsea M. Cameron

We all have that friend that we sometimes look at and think “Why are we friends?” They’ll do something so incredibly stupid or insensitive, it makes us wonder. But then, they’ll turn around do something so amazingly sweet and wonderful it all makes sense. For Shannon, that friend is Hazel. But, no matter how badly Hazel behaved, and it was bad, she is the reason Shannon found Jett. She’s also the reason Jett and Shannon ended up together.

Shannon is a virgin. Her friends are doing everything they can to get Shannon to just get her cherry popped. Which leads to Shannon doing something stupid, getting into the car with a man she doesn’t know. It’s also one of the smartest things she could have done. Jett is amazing. She was lucky it was him she got into the car with.

Shannon and Jett then embark on a fake relationship to keep their friends of them. His friend, Javier, and her group of friends included.  Over the course of time, the fake relationship becomes real.

This was an enjoyable read. There wasn’t much going on. It was really about two people who become friends and then eventually lovers. It was sweet and at times romantic. Jett was an awesome boyfriend for Shannon. She needed to lighten up a bit, and eventually she did.

I did find their first time believable. Sometimes I read stories and the first time they have sex, the angels sing and confetti falls from the sky and all is glorious and wonderful. Now, I realize for some, it is like that. But, for a majority of us, not so much! It was refreshing to see a more realistic telling of a first time.

I happen to like a bit more angst and drama in my stories and this was relatively angst and drama free. However, still an enjoyable read about falling in love for the first time!

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