Monday, October 28, 2013

Review: Wishes in Her Eyes by D.L. Uhlrich

Wishes in Her Eyes is a short story about romance in the work place.

Harper has lusted over Stone for quite a while. The problem? They work together. Plus, she doesn’t think hot and hunky Stone would be into a plus-sized woman. Boy, is she wrong!

A stormy night, a flat tire and the game is on! Stone makes his move and Harper decides to take a chance and enjoy the ride.

This was an enjoyable short story. (very short) The story is told from Harper’s POV. It’s first-person so we never get Stone’s perspective or thoughts on the events.

I enjoyed this quick read. It’s a straightforward romance with characters who are in their 40’s (I like). Harper is a plus-sized woman (I like). Stone is a romantic at heart (I like). They’re both willing to take a chance on the other (I like).

Now, I feel I have to tell you this is a mixed-race couple. This doesn’t matter to me. As long as I like the characters, I couldn’t care what race they are. However, I know there are some readers who do care.

One final note, we should all have a friend like Harper’s friend Darry!  He’s a riot and will lighten up any mood!

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