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Blog Tour & Giveaway: More Than This by Jay MacLean

Funny thing about this book-

I came across a few quotes on Goodreads​ for More Than This that immediately caught my attention.

“Because if I kiss you, then I'll want to taste you, and if I taste you then I'll need to fuck you. And if I fuck you, that means your mine. And when I make you mine, I want it to be in OUR bed. Not in a hotel room...Is that okay?”

And then I saw this...

“He's not the heart and flowers kind of guy, but he's the heart and soul kind, and fuck if every girl would rather that than flowers.”

And this just added to to my quick liking of this book by quotes alone.

“We're testing each other. Seeing how far we can take this before something snaps. Most likely my dick.”

I'm a total quote kind of girl. A blurb obviously peeks my interest, but seeing snippets like that are what truly reel me in. After I saw those quotes, I went to the reviews and found so many high rated ones (A LOT!) and I thought to myself, why haven't I heard of her before? So I bought the book.

A few days later I started reading only for it to go downhill super fast. Like rolling and tumbling down so fast that I couldn't stop myself! I was so damn pissed! How could I read the reviews and quotes and see so much love for this book and then read such a shitty story? A few days later when I went to pick the book back up (I had to set it down, it was that bad) I opened the book only to see it start from the beginning. I was so confused. I had no idea why none of the highlights wouldn't show up, why it wouldn't sync to furthest read page or why none of story looked familiar. And then it dawned on me.

I was reading the wrong book.

I know, I know. I'm such an asshole. I've never done that and couldn't believe I did!

 Once I started reading the CORRECT book I. WAS. IN. LOVE.

 Seriously, how are more people not reading this book?!! More Than This has it all! Sarcastic humor, emotionally draining angst, romance (could've used more in my eyes, but still...), a shocking and sad curve ball but most importantly, a moving storyline that left me wanting more! Plus, characters that we can all relate to on some level that were true to their age for once! I really just loved everything about this book. Of course there are a few things that I did take notice on that could've used some work... but in all honesty, I can't even bring myself to complain about them like I normally would. All the good qualities of this book surpass those little flaws.

The best part for me? Jake's point of view. I couldn't get enough of it!

In my opinion, Jay MacLean nailed the males point of view better than many others I've read! I mean, it was spot on how a guy would think, at least I thought so. Jake doesn't say things like ' it smelled of cinnamon peaches on a dewy morning in the mist of fall.' Seriously, what guy talks like that? Answer: Most males in fiction books. But Jake surely does not! And lady's? JAKE IS SO DAMN HOT. Just thinking about him makes me want to read this book again. Oh, and not to mention, his friend Logan...*sigh*

So I went back into my highlights to mention some of my own favorite here only to realize that I highlighted nearly the entire book. So now I won't be putting them in here. You know how some books you just connect with more despite some faults? Yeah, this book did me in. I realize all I'm doing is gushing, but sometimes I can't really help it.

But then I got to the ending...

 Not a cliffhanger at all, but sweet Mary Mother and Joseph, I cannot wait for the next book! It's going to be juicy as a peach! More Than This is definitely one of my favorite books this year! Jay MacLean is an author we need to watch out for.

Jay MacLean has given My Secret Romance a deleted scene from my (sweet) jerk, Jake!! *sigh*


I’m having an off day. It doesn’t happen often. But today at training, I suck ass.
It’s because Kayla normally stays for practice and I drive us home. But she’s not here now and I don’t know where the hell she might be.
My pitching is off and the team and coaches have noticed.
I keep looking to the stands waiting for her to show but she hasn’t and I’m pissed off because she should be here, and if she wasn’t going to be, then she should have told me.
More than that though, I’m worried.

Coach Treleven approaches me while taking off his hat.
I’m staring into the stands.
“Is something wrong Jake?”
I’m completely distracted.
“Huh? uh… no… no coach, sir.” My eyes go back to the stands.
“Your girl supposed to be here?”
“Am I that obvious?” I try to laugh but it comes out strained.
“She must have really done a number on you if she’s keeping your head outta the game. Go call her kid. And when you get back, be here.”

When I get to my locker and check my cell there’s a missed call and text from her:

“Got a ride home. Mexican tonight? Your Kayla.”

I smile like an idiot.

When I finally get home a see a strange car in the driveway. When I open the door I see Will sitting at the dining table, books and his Laptop spread out in front of him. What the fuck?
“Hey man, where is she?”
He looks up from his computer and smirks at me.
“Shower” he says. He has a smug fucking look on his face and I want to wipe it clean with my fist.
This guy is the worst kind of guy. The one that plays nice to your face, but is an asshole when you turn your back. He wants Kayla, I know he does. And going by the look on his face he knows I know.
“Cool” I say, trying to act it. “You guys studying?” I walk over to the fridge and pull out a beer. I uncap it and take a sip, leaning against the bench eyeing him.
“Aren’t you underage?” he asks, motioning to the beer.
My eyes narrow at him, “What are you, 30?”
“22, actually.”
I roll my eyes. Asshole.
I try to change the subject again. Because this guy's a jerk, and I don’t want him to think that him being here is effecting me.
“What are you studying?”
“Nothing now, I was actually helping her out looking for apartments. There’s one in my building that’s become available and I told the landlord to hold it for her. I know she’s looking for a place. I even got him to hold off on the security payment.”
Okay, so this guy is beyond asshole and I’m beyond caring what he thinks.
I need to kick his ass.

Just as I’m about to move to throw his ass out, Kayla walks into the room.
Red Dress. Cowboy boots. Hot. As. Hell.
“Oh Jake, you’re home!” She sounds surprised but not in a 'you caught me with a douchebag' way, in a good way.
She walks over to me and grips my hand once before kissing me on the cheek.
Now I’m the smug asshole glaring at the dickhead sitting at my fucking dining table.
“I didn’t know we were going out, babe.” I say, loud and clear so dickhead can hear it. I hold her waist and bring her close to me so that she’s rubbing up against me. “Let me jump in the shower and I’ll be ready in five.”
 I kiss her cheek while I glare at him so he understands my message. “Bye, Will.”

I’m almost done in the shower when I hear the bathroom door open. I look out the curtain and see her jump up onto the counter. Tanned legs kicking back and forth in those cowboy boots, dress riding up even higher on her legs.
“Can I help you there?” I ask.
“Did you work it out?”
“Who’s dick was bigger?”
I chuckle a little, before I hear her leave the room.

The Mexican restaurant is a 10 minute walk from home so we decide to hoof it.
The food is amazing.
We had a great time talking.
Like the times before the night of the bonfire.
The owner of the restaurant happens to be a baseball fan and recognizes me.
He supplies us with some Margaritas we never asked for.
By the time we get back home, were coming down off the buzz and were just happy.

Author of Mature YA / New Adult contemporary novels, MORE THAN THIS and a soon to be released sequel, MORE THAN HER. I enjoy reading and writing books that make people laugh, cry andswoon for dreamy book boyfriends. When not doing either of those, I can be found looking after my two little boys, and trying to avoid house work at all costs.


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