Friday, October 25, 2013

Jerk of My Dreams #28 Hot Pursuit by Lynne Raye Harris

Jerk. Asshole. Douchenozzle. Admit it- you hate to love the jerks. That alpha male character who is so arrogant and rude but sexy as hell. That foul mouthed douche bag of a man who rocks your traitorous heart. We've all read them and we've all liked them to some extent. In real life you wouldn't touch the man with a ten foot pole. But in the fictional world? Nothing can stand in the way! Everyone would be lying to themselves if they didn't admit that the meaner the man, the further we run... Towards them! *sigh* 

That's what this weekly meme is about- those jerky delicious men! Each Friday this meme will go up, and you can share your jerk anyway you want: review, interview, lines and quotes, giveaway of a book. However you want! All you have to do is sign up 
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Hot Pursuit is the first book in a new series by Lynn Raye Harris. This series revolves around the men in the Hostile Operations Team. These are hot men who risk their lives for the good of the country. They have a strong sense of what’s right and wrong. They also do everything they can to protect those around them.

Evie Baker has returned home after her ex-boyfriend stole all her money from her restaurant and her personal savings. She’s now back home trying to get everything together.

Matt is home for his sister’s wedding. He’s also waiting to hear what the inquiry into his last mission decides. His career and his life hang in the balance.

Whens someone comes after Evie, Matt does everything he can to keep her safe.

This was an enjoyable read with some tension and suspense built into it. Evie and Matt have a prior relationship. They were friends growing up until Matt pushed her away. So, the reunion component was nice. But it wasn’t a completely warm and fuzzy reunion. We all have things that happened in high school that we wish would go away. Matt and Evie’s last encounter was one of them. But time moves on and so do those involved.

Matt and Evie talking about and resolving what happened at their last encounter was nice. It’s neat to see what happens if you just talk about things to finally clear the air and let them go.

The attraction between Evie and Matt is still burning strong. They have to deal with the attraction they feel for each other as well as the threat to Evie and her family. But of course, it’s not all roses. Matt is married to his job and he’s not willing to give it up. He doesn’t think he has anything to offer a woman. His job is dangerous and it’s important.

So, while Matt is not a complete jerk. He does seem to keep putting his foot in his mouth. His honesty keeps getting him in trouble. He keeps hurting Evie over and over. He never wants to do that, but does it anyway!

I’m digging this series so far. I’ll be glad to read the next one to see if stays good or gets better!

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