Monday, October 7, 2013

Review: Taming Cross (Love Inc. #2) by Ella James

Cross Carlson has a new lease on life.  After a near death experience that leaves him scarred and partially disabled, as well as almost being sold as a sex slave by his politician father’s villainous associates, the former playboy is changing his ways.  Plagued by guilt, he decides to head back into Mexico and right a wrong. 

Meredith Kinsey may have not always made the best choices in her adult life, but being kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery to the leader of a notorious drug cartel is beyond cruel and sickening.  Finding the courage to escape, she takes refuge in a clinic run by nuns that caters to sick and needy children.  She too has a new view on life and the decisions that lead her to where she is.  The cartel knows exactly where she’s hiding.  Being that the clinic is located in a cartel neutral zone, she’s safe…for now.  But her owner wants her back and to hell with keeping the peace.

This is the second book in the Love Inc. series.  Taming Cross is packed with action, emotion, heroism and love till the very end. 

Meredith always felt out of place growing up and it left her wanting for things; most of all she wanted to be loved.  Unfortunately, that almost desperation lead her to choosing the wrong men and paths in life.  It’s sad too, because she’s a good woman.  She’s intelligent, caring and loving.   

Cross never really cared about anyone beyond himself and his two best friends.  Rich and handsome; life was a party for him.  After going through some horrendous experiences, he realizes what’s important in life.  Cross won me over.  He single-handedly goes south of the border, riding his motorcycle with one working hand and sets out to rescue Meredith.  Talk about courageous and self sacrificing. 

At first, Cross’ motives for saving her are guilt.  He’s known for a year that she was sold and knows the parties involved.  It took being placed in a similar situation for him to realize that no one deserves that kind of fate.  There’s an instant chemistry between them and eventually feelings develop on both their parts.  But, there are things that Meredith has witnessed and done that makes her feel unworthy of someone like Cross.  Unworthy of any decent man.

I highly recommend reading Selling Scarlett, book 1 in the Love Inc. series, before diving into this one that way you get the full view of all the players in the game.     

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