Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review: Claiming Her Warriors by Savannah Scott

Earth has been destroyed. It’s now a dead planet. The last remaining humans have been rescued and live on Lumineta now.

Lumineta has more men than women so they create triads, two men and one woman. Human women are adjusting to this and Brianna is no exception. Hauk and Aeron are brothers and they want Brianna. But Brianna’s life is in danger. Can Hauk and Aeron keep her safe?

This was a quick read.  It’s only 78 pages. In those 78 pages, Savannah Stuart managed to pack a lot in.  My biggest complaint is it wasn’t long enough. I had a hard time connecting with the characters. It was hard to get to know them and build that connection. That being said, what I did get from them, I liked.

These are strong, alpha men who feel a definite sense of duty and honor. Brianna is a strong-willed woman learning to live in a new world. I definitely wanted to know more about this new world Lumineta. What I did learn definitely intrigued me. There’s some real possibilities for more from this world.

The attraction between Hauk, Aeron and Brianna is strong and intense. This was definitely worth reading and I’m hoping we get more from this new world!

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Maria said...

This sounds good! Thanks for the review


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