Monday, October 21, 2013

Review: Luca's Magic Embrace by Kym Grosso

Luca’s Magic Embrace picks up right after Kade’s Dark Embrace ends. Luca’s been captured, silvered and drained. He’s on the verge of dying. He’s makes one final attempt to contact Kade. Kade and his mate, Sydney, save Luca.

Now, Luca’s going after Samantha. She’s in danger and she’s left the safety of the coven. He’s off to bring her back to New Orleans to keep her safe.

Luca and Samantha embark on an adventure to find who captured Luca and is threatening Samantha. It’s a race against time.

Samantha and Luca were amazing together. They had a deep connection, a spark that really added to their interactions. The passion they felt for each other led into all other parts of their lives.

I enjoyed watching Luca fall in love again after hundreds of years. Seeing him fall for a human after vowing to never fall one. The fact that Samantha is now a witch doesn’t matter to Luca. She’s still human and he won’t love a human.

Samantha has had her life ripped away from her. She’s been kidnapped, forced to do who knows what, had God only knows what done to her. She’s also lost her human life and now has magic flowing through her veins. On top of all that, she has someone threatening her. The wonderful thing about Samantha was how real she felt to me. She had moments of vulnerability, tears, and weakness. But no matter how she was feeling, she dealt and pushed forward. This is what happens to most people. She showed feeling and an inner strength.

Luca was an amazing person for Samantha. He protected her, loved her, made her feel safe. Let her know, no matter what he would accept her and love her. She was free to be herself and explore everything.

The mystery and suspense of who kidnapped Luca and was threatening Samantha added an extra layer to this story. I liked that people were not always what they seemed. There was nothing to overtly alert me to who all the players in the story were.

We have a new problem with the Immortals of New Orleans. This problem will continue in the next story Tristan’s Lyceum Wolves. I’m looking forward to finding out how Tristan falls, who he falls for and how they resolve the newest problem for the Immortals!

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