Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review: Dom of the Dead by Virgina Nelson

Carson is hurting.  She suffered a huge loss.  Randall Stokes, her best friend and the man she was secretly in love with since childhood has been taken to an early grave.  At first she thinks her grief is so extreme that she’s imagining his voice, his scent, but no her mind is not that creative.  Somehow Randall is there with her.  She can’t see him, but she can feel him.

Randall felt the same way about Carson, but was afraid to scare her off with his dominant bedroom ways.  He always thought there would be time to work up to something with her beyond friendship.  Little did he know that his time had ran out.

…or had it?

Dom of the Dead was a super fast quickie read.  Seriously, I was wrapped up and enjoying the story when it came to an end.  Ms. Nelson wrapped it up nicely, but I do wish there was more.  

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