Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Review: Ruin by C.J. Scott

Interesting word, ruin. It has so many definitions. But what is ruined to one person is only slightly damaged by another. Yet, a third person will not see it has damaged or ruined. And sometimes a little tender loving care is all that’s needed to make it seem like new again, like it has a second chance.

Ruin by C.J. Scott is all about second chances. It reminds us to see people for what they are now and not what they were in the past. It also reminds us that we all need someone in our lives to love us, keep us, and help us along in life.

Ben Parker comes to town looking for something. He won’t tell what he’s looking for, but he’s definitely looking. Otherwise, why would he have ever gotten off the buss in Winter, Montana?

Kate Bell can’t wait to escape Winter. But once Ben shows up, she’s not so eager to leave anymore.

This was an interesting story. Kate is the town cop’s daughter and the “good girl”. She falls for the new boy in town who’s also hiding secrets. Kate gave Ben something he wasn’t expecting, a second chance. However, Ben felt he wasn’t any good and kept pushing Kate away.

Kate wasn’t perfect. Not by a long shot. But she was a good person and was willing to see the good in others. Her parents are over-protective and mean well. Jane, Kate’s friend, is shy and sweet. She needs some excitement in her life! Then, there’s Mrs. M., Jane’s grandmother. She’s old, crotchety, and set in her ways, but overall, not a bad person.

This short story packs a lot of drama and punch into its pages. I’m looking forward to reading the next one in the series. But all looks, Winter, Montana is a sleepy little town but I have a feeling things are going to get lively there!

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