Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Review: Make Me Yours by Kendall Ryan

Make Me Yours is the sexy, sweet, fun and flirty conclusion to Unravel Me.

We met Liz in the last book. She doesn’t do the commitment thing. Simple, no strings attached is perfect. It’s not that relationships aren’t for her; it’s that she can’t do them. Period. Liz comes across as the party girl. Fuck ‘em and leave ‘em. But, buried deep beneath is such a heartbreaking sadness.

Cohen is a sexy, volunteer firefighter and Liz’s new neighbor. She would love to have a roll in the sheets with him, but he’s not that kind of man. Seriously! Cohen is still waiting for that special someone to give himself all to. Could Liz be the one?

Okay, I really liked this story. Though, I think they happened too soon I loved seeing Liz with Cohen. When they’re together you see this sweet, flirty side of her. Even with no actual sex going on, there is plenty of chemistry and heat and other fun things to do. ;) You know they’re both falling for each other…hard, but Liz has this whole façade she’s built up. Wait till you learn why she’s holding back. Your heart will break for her.

His mouth claimed mine in a passionate kiss, his lips moving against my own as his tongue swept inside. I eagerly matched his kiss, swirling my tongue with his in a dance that was anything but delicate. He suckled my bottom lip and bit at the soft flesh. The sting of pain was unexpected and hot, and I let out a soft whimper.

He pulled back and met my eyes. “Is that what you need? For me to take control? You need me to be rough?” he breathed, his voice deep and coarse. His large hands framed my face and rather indelicately he forced my chin up, gripping my jaw and neck. “Is that what I need to do to get through to you?”

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Maria D. said...

Good review - adding this book to my list


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