Friday, February 1, 2013

Review: Crossing Lines by Alannah Lynne

Kevin Mazze, owner of Mazze Builders hasn’t been happy in his relationship for a very long time. He knows he needs to let Lizbeth know that things between them are over, but he needs to wait for 2 more weeks so that their break up doesn’t ruin the wedding they are both a part of. Needing the certificate of occupancy for the current project he is working on, he meets the building inspector who is holding him up. Once he meets the building inspector Kevin can’t stop thinking about her, and not just for the CO he is waiting for.

Samantha “Sam” Wallace can’t stop thinking about the sexy Kevin Mazze. Her toy drawer may end up getting a work out with the naughty thoughts she thinks of Kevin. When Kevin insists on taking care of Sam and her daughter one weekend, Sam is hard pressed to say no. She only wants Kevin for a fling, she never wants to be hurt again like she was when her ex-husband left. Can Sam just have her fling, or will she want a lot more from Kevin?

Ok where is the fire extinguisher?! I swear my kindle is on fire after reading this book! Holy hotness, Kevin is smoking in the bedroom! Kevin actually surprised me. When we first met him in Savin’ Me, I honestly thought there would be nothing more to him then being a playboy. He is actually the nice guy who would rather suffer and be miserable, than to possibly ruin a friend’s wedding by breaking up with Lizbeth, who is in the wedding also. He never wants to set out to hurt Lizbeth, but he has known for a while that things were over, and once he meets Sam he knows he wants her, not just for sex but for more.

Sam is hesitant to get fully involved with Kevin. She doesn’t want her daughter to become too attached to Kevin if things don’t work out between them. Sam also needs to deal with some personal issues that she has held onto for a while now. She deserves some happiness, and wants to explore some of her fantasies with Kevin. When the truth about Kevin and Lizbeth’s relationship comes to light, what will the future hold for Kevin and Sam?

This is my favorite book of the series so far. It was hotter than the other two in my opinion, and the series is coming together nicely. There is just something about seeing or meeting someone for the first time and knowing that they are the other half of your soul and that you want them in your life that makes me love a book even more. Add to it a sexual attraction that can ignite into flames at a moment’s notice and you have a book that will not disappoint.


Maria D. said...

Good review! Thanks

Lily B said...

Wonderful review, really love the cover as well. Glad the book didnt disappoint!


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