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Interview & Giveaway with Alannah Lynne

Hi everyone! Please welcome author Alannah Lynne to My Secret Romance Book Reviews!

Alannah, thank you for allowing me to interview you and I am so happy to have you with us today. Thank you so much for having!!!

Can you tell us a little about your background?

It’s not writing! LOL I have a degree in accounting (which I hate), and I worked in advertising/marketing for over 10 (that, I love). When I was in college, my dad made me promise I would get a degree in something. I didn’t go to school for the first two weeks of the semester and I didn’t go the last month, but I somehow still managed to pass my accounting class. And that’s how I picked my degree! :-D Sad, but true. I’m definitely much more suited to creative careers than accounting.

Besides writing, what are some of your favorite things to do? Do you have any hobbies?

I used to do a lot of ceramics and faux painting, but since we moved into a smaller house, I don’t have room for any of my supplies. I’ve tried working with polymer clay, but haven’t really mastered that. I like scrapbooking, and I’m starting to get into beading. I want to make book thongs for my street team.

How would you describe the Heat Wave series to a new reader?

Hot!! :-D All of the stories take place in coastal locations, mostly North and South Carolina. I’m not sure if future books will be located elsewhere, but for now, they’re all in the Carolinas. They’re stand-alone (meaning you can read them out of order and you won’t miss anything), but they’re all loosely connected, and the characters do make appearances in subsequent books. I like to be able to check in with them and see what’s going on in their lives, even after we’ve moved on to other stories.

How many books are you planning for the Heat Wave series?

I’m not sure yet, but I know there will be at least 5 more.

Who or what was your inspiration to begin writing this series?

I’m not really sure where the inspiration came from, but Erik talked to me for years before I figured out what I was supposed to do with him. (There’s plenty I would’ve LOVED to do to him, if I could’ve figured out how to get him out of my imagination! LOL) I kept seeing him in all these different scenes (most of which didn’t end up in the book), but I wasn’t writing at the time –I hadn’t even considered being a writer because I thought I had to be something... more, I guess, than what I was (I thought I needed an English degree, or writing degree, or something)... so I didn’t know what to do with him. :-D I live along the coast, and love the beach, so once I started writing, that just sort of ended up being the backdrop for my stories. When I decided to self-publish, I wanted a series, so I got my rights back (it had been previously published), I used “Savin’ Me” as the launching point, and figured out a way to tie the other books in with it.

We have been introduced so many different characters so far in the three books; Steve, Elise, Lizbeth and Callie to name a few. Will they be having their own books in the future?

Definitely! Callie (“Last Call”) is up next. Her book will be out sometime in 2013 (maybe late summer/early fall). I thought Steve would’ve already had his HEA by now, but I keep putting it off because I’m a little nervous about writing his story. I already know how his story starts, and he’s NOT in a good place. Robbie (Sunny’s brother from “Last Call”) will also have his own book. Kevin’s sister, Marianne (“Crossing Lines”) will have a story. I’m not sure yet what to do with Elise and Lizbeth. LOL I imagine they will end up with their own stories (I’ll feel bad if they don’t redeem themselves and get their HEA’s too), I’m just not sure yet how that will happen for them.

Which book has been the hardest for you to write so far?

“Savin’ Me!” I rewrote it from start to finish four times! I rewrote it three times before it was published the first time. Then, after I got my rights back, I retyped the entire thing, updating it with my current voice as I went. I wrote “Last Call” for the Kensington Writing With the Stars Contest in two months. That wasn’t easy, but writing the book itself wasn’t hard. “Crossing Lines” was hard because of the pressure I put on myself. The reviews of both “Savin’ Me” and “Last Call” have been so great, I was terrified of it not living up to those previous stories. But it wasn’t torturous like “Savin’ Me.”

Are you working on anything currently?

I think I shared some of this with you the other day, but yeah... I’m always working on something! LOL I’m currently working on a BDSM series and hope to release the first three short stores in that series in the late spring/early summer. Callie’s book is simmering in the back of my mind. I also have a mystery that I’m determined to get written by the summer. I had started writing it with my uncle and when he passed away, I sort of lost the passion for it. But I want to finish it, and so this is the year! Dammit!!

What are some of your favorite authors and/or books?

Janelle Denison is my all-time favorite, and the reason I write. I was a late bloomer to romance, and her book, “The Wilde Side” was the first romance I ever read. I was instantly hooked and gobbled up everything of hers I could find. She was also my inspiration for becoming a writer. I always joke and say I want to be Janelle when I grow up. JR Ward and the Black Dagger Brotherhood series is also at the top of my list. Recently, I’ve really gotten into Shayla Black and Lexi Blake’s Virgin series. I don’t have much time to read anymore, and I really miss it.

Please state one random fact about yourself that no one would have guessed about you.

Oh gosh... Hmmm... Well, there’s a lot of me in Sam (“Crossing Lines”). My dad owned a construction company and I hung out with him whenever I could. He taught me to drive when I was ten, and by the time I was thirteen, I was driving his dump trucks around. We lived in a rural area, so I even drove on the roads when I was that young. It wasn’t right, but if I wanted to run to the little country store out on the highway for a Pepsi, I’d jump in the dump truck, drive it about 5 miles down the road to the store, pull off the side of the highway and park with the other truckers. I’m pretty sure I was their entertainment! LOL

Thank you again for the interview, I hope that our readers will love your Heat Wave series as much as I have.

I hope so too!!! I’m glad you enjoyed the books, and thank you, again, for the invitation!

Alannah has decided to give a copy of one of her Heat Wave books away to one lucky reader.  The book will be your choice! Please leave your email address in the comment to win!!


Nur5eMisty said...

woot woot! Thanks. my email addy is (in code) misty dot trevino at sbcglobal dot net :)

Susan W. said...

One of the best things about growing up in a rural area is learning to drive early! I learned to drive early because dad would help local farmers with their harvest and I was always with him. Thanks for the giveaway!


Mikki D said...


Great interview ;)

Carin said...

looking forward to the BDSM series ;O) Carin mawmom at gmail dot com

krg said...

That is funny (but sad too) about your college experience. Glad you started writing instead! Thanks for the chance to win!

Mimi said...

Awesome interview and giveaway!

Maria D. said...

Fun interview - I'm in finance and yeah...not exciting

Thanks for the giveaway

junegirl63 at gmail dot com

Bookworm Brandee said...

This series sounds so amazing! And Allanah, I love that Erik talked to you for years before you knew what to do with him. :) Thanks for the chance to win.


LM said...

Amazing Series! Loving Kevin's story and U'm so for your excited new plans!

Becki Wyer said...

Love you Alannah. It's a great interview.

Alannah Lynne said...

Hi Nur5eMisty - thanks for commenting!!

Susan W - Rural life is so different than city life! My mom wasn't happy (city girl), and she told my dad if I got hurt there wasn't enough room in town for both of them (sort of went all John Wayne or something on him. :D) But I learned to drive... and I drov everything! :D Good luck in the giveaway!

Hi Mikki - Thank you!!

Alannah Lynne said...

Carin - Thank you!! I have 3 or 4 books of that series partially written already - another of those things that the characters have been with me for a while, I just wasnt' sure what to do with them. Hopefully I'll have those stories out by this summer. Thanks for the interst!!

krg - it is funny but sad. My husband and I knew we were a match made in heaven when we started sharing our college experience. I had a .36 my first semester. He had a .32. :D How perfect could we be?

Our nephew had a pretty rough first semester too. When I tried to reassure my sister-in-law that he would be fine by saying, "Hey, if you combine me and Charles' scores he still has us beat," she wasn't amused! :D :D

Alannah Lynne said...

Hey Mimi - thank you!!

Maria - Thanks Maria. No, finance isn't that exciting, but it's important and someone needs to do the work, so thank you!!

Hi Brandee - thank you! I'm just glad I finally figured out what to do with Erik. LOL And all of those hawt friends he hangs out with!

Thanks LM!!! I'll keep everyone posted on the progress of the new series! :)

Alannah Lynne said...

Aw, thanks Becki!! Love you too, girl!

Shayna Snyder said...

Great Interview! 5 more Heat Wave books, woohoo! That is so cool that you were like Sam from Crossing Lines, she has been my favorite (female) character so far!

Tina Donnelly said...

Great interview!!!


jessiel said...

Great interview with one of my favorite newly found authors! I just finished Crossing Lines & loved every page. Kevin & Sam's story was another great read. You get to experience many emotions while reading this author's books; hot, steamy romance, laughter & stop your heart, this can't be happening. I did not want to get to the end of this book. Thank you & I'm looking forward to more.

JessieL62 at comcast dot net

Tessa Wright said...

Great interview!

Crystal Peik said...


Alannah Lynne said...

Thanks Shayna!! There is a little of me in each of my characters, but I'm more like Sam than any of them. My dad wasn't a builder, he did site work, but I loved to spend the day with him, running from job to job. I did want to take over the business, but life happens and he needed to sell it and do something else. I'm not sad about that, and was never bitter like Sam, it opened up the world to me to do something else, but I did identify with her in a lot of ways. Another character that you'll meet at some point is Mackenzie - Mac - from my mysery series. She and Sam are a lot alike, and I'm very much like Mac too. :-) Maybe even more so than Sam.

Alannah Lynne said...

Hi Tina - Thanks so much! Thanks for commenting!!

Hi Jessie - Wow, thank you for the wonderful compliment!!! You gave the highest praise an author can receive, so thank you for that wonderful gift this morning!!! {{hugs}}

Hi Tessa - Thank you!!!

Hi Crystal - Thanks!!

Stacy Lewis said...

{{hugs}} I just love the Heat Wave series and can't wait to read the rest of them, plus your other works in progress!!

tozan said...

Amazing Series! Great interview also! Thank you for the stories you tell us! Have and read all the books.

LoonyAlana said...

I've been hearing great things recently... and have to admit, how often do I run across another Alana (Even if she spells it Alannah ☺)


Alannah Lynne said...

Stacy - Thank you for the kind words and for dropping by and commenting!!! {{hugs back}}

You're very welcome, Tozan!! Thank you!!

Hey Alana!! I imagine it's not an every day occurance! LOL I bet your name gets spelled right more often. :D Thank you for visiting with me!!!

Karielle Stephanie said...

HEAT WAVE sounds divine! My kind of sexy story. Thanks for the lovely interview, ladies! I had a few LOL moments ;)

thestephanieloves AT gmail DOT com

veRONIca said...

I'm impressed you learned to drive that young and would go to truck stops. I was scared to learn at 16 lol
Great interview!


krg said...

Great interview. Alannah is a new author to me and her books sound very good, I look forward to checking them out!

eyeore65 said...

great. would love to win thank you for the chance

Brandee V said...

Thank you for the chance to win - would love to read this

brandeecm @

Sabrina Dohse said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

eta37 said...

I loved reading the interview and finding out a bit more about you, Alannah :-) Wishing you continuous success!

bn100 said...

I enjoyed the interview.



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