Monday, February 4, 2013

Blog Tour: Rock the Band by Michelle A. Valentine

Have you ever wondered what the author saw when they're writing a book? I have. I've always wondered where they got the inspiration the scene formed. Of course we conjure a portion of our own image up in our mind, but if we're given a descriptive scene, it makes it much each to paint. Here is what Michelle A. Valentine imagined when she was writing my lover, Noel Falcon's house. 

Noel wanted a house similar to the one back home in Texas on Cedar Creek Lake. A secluded place where no one could bother him. He wanted it peaceful and serene. There isn't another home, except for trees and woods as far as the eye can see. I have to say, I think I would love something like this myself. 

Today we have Noel giving us a personal look into his home. A walk through tour of his place, MTV Cribs Style!!

 Hey, guys. What’s up? Welcome to my humble abode.

First stop is my living room. I just like that warm country feel since this is a cabin and all. I keep it just earthy, you know. I did all the decorating myself, and just tried to make it as non-rockstarish as possible since when I’m here I just want to forget about all that stuff for a while.

This, as they say, it where some of the magic takes place. If you’ve read Michelle A. Valentine’s books about me you know I like to get a little crazy outside the bedroom as well. *Laughs*

This is my kitchen. I do a lot of cooking in here. I like to catch fresh fish down at the lake and bring it back here and prepare it. There’s nothing like fresh, catch your own, meals. *walks over to the island and smirks* And here is where baby Falcon was conceived in Rock the Band. Sorry, future son or daughter. You probably didn’t want a mental picture of me banging your mom here, but I couldn’t help it. Have you seen your mother? 

 Alright, time to head outside.

My most favorite place on the property—the dock. Docks like this have a special place in my heart. My lady and I sit out here a ton. I even proposed on a dock very similar to this. I gave the camera crew a picture of the dock the night I popped the question to my angel, Lane. Hopefully they can show that to you guys.

Last, but not least, my car. I love this thing. Spent many nights in it as a struggling musician. After I signed my first record deal, I gave her a face lift. Isn’t she beautiful.

Okay, guys. You’ve seen my house, my docks, and my cars. Thanks for dropping by and checking out my place, but now you’ve got to go. I’ll tell Lane you said hi!


Maria D. said...

Love the car....the house is a bit country for's always nice to see what inspires a character for an author

Sandy said...

I loved it all. Very interesting.

laura troxel said...

Loved the house. Love the interveiw.


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