Sunday, February 10, 2013

Review: In Need of Therapy by Tracie Banister

In Need of Therapy is a romantic comedy that is as funny as it is sweet.

Pilar Alvarez is a woman trying to establish herself as a professional and her counseling private practice. The problem is her crazy personal life isn’t necessarily making it easy for her. Overbearing mother dead set on marrying her off, irresponsible younger sister always needing help, and persistent ex boyfriend top the list. As if these three weren’t enough, she’s found herself attracted to her hottie patient (think Matthew McConaughey) and the married doctor across the hall. Throw in some financial woes, and Pilar has her hands full to say the least!

The three men in Pilar’s life are Victor, a Latin lover philandering ex trying to win her back with over the top bravado. Mitch, a sexy beach lifeguard that is being treated by Pilar for his commitment issues. And Ford, the smart, successful doctor that recently moved into the office across the hall. The problem is Ford is wearing a wedding ring.

This extensive list of characters make for non-stop laughs, along with every one of Pilar’s terrible blind-dates. In a book that has so many dating woes, an author has to be careful that the heroine doesn’t come off as pathetic. The author has successfully overcome this pigeonhole for her heroine. Even though Pilar is attracted to three male characters, she will be okay without any of them. Pilar is a witty, smart, sexy character, only guilty of flaws that any woman can identify with.

The dialogue between characters flows effortlessly, allowing the comedic timing to shine. The story moves right along at a good pace, never leaving you bored. Cute and clean, this is a book you can read without worry that someone may be reading over your shoulder. If you love romantic comedies, this the book for you.

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