Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blog Tour: Hard to Love by Kendall Ryan

Hard to Love is a quick, hot read filled with sweetness and passion. 

If you have an erection lasting longer than four hours, seek immediate medical help.

Well, that’s exactly what Cade did.  Good thing too or he wouldn’t have met Alexa, the nursing student tending to him.  Too bad that she’s a goody good girl and he’s a freakin’ porn star.  These two will never work.  Or will they?

Cade isn’t your typical twenty-two year old.  He has responsibilities that most guys his age would not take on.  He is the sole guardian of his disabled, six year old sister.  His construction job just isn’t enough to maintain the mortgage on his house AND pay all her medical bills.  He doesn’t want to make porn films, but it’s the perfect opportunity to quickly pay off some of the debt.

Alexa was the sheltered little rich girl type.  But, she doesn’t want to be.  She wants to break out of that stereotypical mold.  She’s living on her own and working on a career.  She doesn't want the Stepford life.  On her twenty-first birthday, out with her friends, she lets slip that she’s still a virgin.  So, now her best friend sets out to rid her of that little problem.  If only they knew someone who could help her out. 

You see, Alexa here is a virgin, and what better birthday present than to lose her virginity to someone skilled at female pleasure?  I mean, you do this for a living.

I love how Kendall Ryan just dives into the story, but makes it all flow.  Things heat up and progress quickly between Cade and Alexa.  We get both POVs, which always makes it nice.  Cade will melt your heart with the way he cares for his sister and ignite your panties with the way he talks to Alexa.  Alexa is perfect for him.  She has a huge, caring heart.  She knows Cade and his sister are a package deal and she accepts and falls for them both. 

Unfortunately, Cade screws things up big time.  Can these two work it out?  Or has he completely damaged what they had? 



Maria D. said...

This sounds good - I like the premise of him doing what he does as a second job because of his sister.

Aman said...

I didn't liked Cade at first, but I did fell in love with him later on. Oh, and the opening scene was hilarious. I just wanted more, this story felt really short, but I loved what we got.

laura troxel said...

Cant wait to read the book. Sounds like a cute story.

Joanne said...

I like the idea of a young man working more than one job to help with his sister's medical bills; too bad it's as a porn star. Maybe it's not so bad?
Sounds like a fun story. Can't wait to read it.


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