Friday, March 21, 2014

Review: Freakn' Cougar by Eve Langlais

So, this time we’re back with the main family. The snarky family. The family that doesn’t let anything go. They’re freakn’ awesome. This time around we have Stu. He’s being arrested by the lovely Patricia. We met her in an earlier story. Stu is being arrested in order to help figure out who is killing shifters in prison. In order to do that, he’s going undercover with another shifter. They both figure out that Patricia is their mate. So, now Stu has to share his mate with another man. He’s not thrilled.

Patricia is reluctant to believe that she has not only one mate but two. See, she was already mated and lost her mate. Why would fate give her another one or two?

I really liked this story. We have two men who are vying for Patricia’s attention. They’re in prison to figure out who’s killing shifters and they’re trying so hard to seduce a woman who doesn’t want to be seduced.

The added tension of the mystery surrounding the murders enhances the story. Add in the fact they’re seducing her while in prison just makes it that much better. The creativity they came up with to find private places was great.

Oh and the name of the book is perfect. Patricia is older than both Ricky and Stu! She’s a cougar shifter and she’s a cougar! Rawr!

All around this was another homerun by Eve Langlais!

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