Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: Kaleidoscope by Kristen Ashley

PI Jacob “Deck” Decker has come to Gnaw Bone for a case that he was hired for, what he didn’t expect was that his old best friend Emme lived there now.  She was his ex’s best friend so when that relationship ended, this friendship between Jacob and Emme did as well.  He didn’t see what he had in front of him, he was blinded by the beauty of his ex.  He always thought Emme was special back then, but didn’t see her as anything more than a friend, now when he runs into her he can’t believe that the absolute knock out in front of him is the same girl.

Emme has always felt more for Deck than friendship but when he walked out of her life all those years ago, it hurt her big time.  Now that they have once again run into each other and she wants to be friends again, will they be able to just stay friends or will once Deck get what he wants when he wants Emme for more than just a friend?

A Kaleidoscope can show beauty, it can brighten your day when you are down, show you colors and shapes with the twist of a hand and it can be what connects two people who needed true beauty in their lives.  Emme gave Deck a kaleidoscope to show him that he will still have beauty in his life when he thinks he had lost it. 

“This was a kaleidoscope of beauty, the dials spinning, ever changing, but never anything short of spectacular.” 

I loved how the kaleidoscope played such an important role in this story.  It was more than just a piece of art, it was so much more.  It was a show of love when someone needed it the most, even when Deck didn’t see it for all it was he knew it was special. 

Emme is perfect for Deck, he even knew it deep down 14 years ago but he was blinded by what he thought was true beauty when in reality his real beauty was in front of him as his best friend.  She doesn’t take any of Deck’s shit, these two can debate and argue over anything but that’s what they do. 

Deck is your typical alpha male.  He is fluent in alpha asshole speak, but when he wants something he will make sure he gets it and what he wants is more than just a friendship from Emme, he wants everything.  He knows he made a mistake when he walked away from Emme and their friendship.  I also love his dog and how he is with him.

I loved the banter back and forth between not only Emme and Deck but all of the girl posse.  I especially loved when they were talking about being an alpha sex slave, I think I about died from laughter cause I can picture Nina, Lauren, Zara and Krystal giving their take on being an alpha sex slave.

“Is the sex good?” … “I hope it’s good but not great,” Krystal remarked. “Sex slave to an alpha. Bad news.”
This time my head didn’t jerk. I blinked again.
“I’m a sex slave to an alpha and I have no complaints,” Lauren muttered, grinning at Zara.
“Me either,” Zara replied, grinning back.
“I’ve had mine longer than all of you,” Nina announced. “And I’m of a mind that there will never be a time to complain.” 

Trust me Deck could make a sex slave out of me cause holy freaking shit he is one hot and sexy alpha male who knows how to make you melt sexually.  What is it with these alpha males that can just set us on fire with want?  *fanning myself here*

I honestly do not think that Kristen Ashley has it in her to write a bad book because I have yet to ever think one was just an ok read, I have loved each and every one of them.  The way she incorporates descriptions into her books makes it so easy to close your eyes and picture exactly what she is describing.  Kristen Ashley is the one author I keep returning to time and time again, when I am happy and when I am down, her books have always picked me up when I have needed them the most and Kaleidoscope is another one that will be reread multiple times.  This book is one of beauty, friendship, and shows that sometimes true beauty isn’t in how a person looks, but true beauty is how a person is in personality, honor, loyalty, friendship, and can be right infront of your eyes the entire time without you actually seeing their beauty.  

Alright, so this one almost lost me within the first chapter. I know, yikes, right? But I’m so glad I stuck to it. It’s a solid 4 star read for me.

This story was about second chances. How often do we get those? Another shot to get it right. Decker thought he had everything he ever wanted in his ex-girlfriend; too bad she didn’t feel the same. However, there was always someone there in the background. Someone he truly connected with, but sadly didn’t see the possibility till years later.

Emme walking back into Decker’s life is not something he ever imagined. Her best friend mutilated his heart. When that relationship ended, so did his friendship with Emme. But the Emme standing before him now is a changed woman. No longer hiding in the shadows, she’s embraced life. She’s dumped the frumpy clothing that use to shield her in the past and has emerged as a stunning, confident beauty. Decker quickly realizes that the woman for him, the right woman, was always there; he was just too blind to see it before.

Emme and Decker complement each other. He’s this strong alpha man. She’s this tough confident woman who’s never needed a man and he knows it. Yet they fit perfectly. He brings out a passion she’s never felt. She provides a softness that’s lacking in his life. At the same time they challenge each other.

Of course things can’t just be as easy as reconnecting with a lost friend. Nope. You have to throw some bad guys and unresolved issues into the mix. But, hey this all makes for a good read.

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